New specs

Several months ago I finally discovered a company making fantastic glasses which were funky while not breaking the bank. With the A$ at parity with the US$ I was in action. Then it took a little while for my friends in the US to get them in the post to me here.

Guess what arrived today (along with Butterfinger Christmas Bells and Reeses Christmas Bells – nomnomnom):

Please also note the decided reduction in chins, partially due to angle and largely due to running my chins off!

This is the second photo where even I can notice the difference. Tres exciting and enough incentive to keep me going.

See the hair? It’s wet. We’ve been at the beach this morning and the children not killing each other theme has continued.

I knew it would get better as the boys got older, but going to the beach – all 100 metres away that it is – is SO.MUCH.EASIER as each year passes.