The weekend (give or take)

Friday: Bought my birthday present. These:

They’re Nike Frees. Isn’t that ironic. Something from Nike branded as free. Anyway, they’re all about feeling like you’re running barefoot. I’m not sure about this but I do love them – even if I had my first ever runner’s stack in them, going arse over tit due to next door’s dog (who I take running. I know. I don’t know who I am anymore either) cutting infront of me AGAIN in front of about six people bidding farewell on the nature-strip to some visiting friends. Awesome. Skin off knees, palms, seriously winded and dignity lost mid-air. All class.

Saturday: party with some of Oscar’s friends from school. The first for the year but look, we got invited to one!

THEN: family gathering for my nephew’s birthday.

There was a chocolate fountain.

I saved everyone from chocolate tainted with extra-virgin olive oil but was then one of the group who completely farked the chocolate.

Did the mercy dash w/ my SIL to the local shops to procure the correct oil (the chocolate has to be runny for such dalliances as a fountain) and MORE chocolate.

Let the fountain flow.

I may or may not have eaten a shitload my bodyweight in melted chocolate on wafer biscuits and strawberries.


Baking: fruit mince tarts (I gave myself a hiatus from making these last year and now wonder why on earth I did so – so very very good) and two types of shortbread: orange and Christmas spice.


Up due to paining feet and mild panic attack that perhaps my feet are turning more arthritic rather than less what with all the running and weightloss. Maybe recreating the sensation of running barefoot at 38 is not such a good idea.



Sunday: UP. Packed up ice-cream Christmas pudding and various edible gifts (Christmas cakes, jams, layered peppermint bark, shortbread, fruit mince tarts) and headed off on two-hour drive to my Dad and stepmother’s.

Lovely day of eating, drinking and hanging out. Including sitting under a brolly by the pool in rather heavy rain as the kids swam. Not sure who was the bigger idiot, me or them.

8pm: Left for home – via Chef’s work where he was getting merry at their Christmas Party gathering.

Somewhere closer to 11pm than reasonable: HOME.

Migraine at the ready, multiple drugs consumed for headache, worsening hayfever and various other meds normally in my daily routine.

Monday: 6am – up – lunch and snacks packed for Felix’s first day at golf camp (I hear it’s a great way to meet cocktail waitresses). Brekkie made for consumption in the car for three children and two adults. Medicinal drinks involving caffeine made. Off to drop Chef at work.

Into Chatswood. X-rays of Oscar’s back done. Off for early-morning reviver of milkshakes (them) and tea (me) then to the chiropracter.

Oscar has a scoliosis in the lower back showing and a major mal-alignment in the second vertebrae. Wouldn’t it be good if this explained the appalling behaviour from him of late. Perhaps it does.


Lunch and debrief of last 24 hours with mum.


Up, catch-up on correspondence and the like. This post.

Now away to collect Felix from golf camp (I hear it’s a great way to meet cocktail waitresses).

Can someone please come and arrange dinner for the family? Otherwise it could be a buffet of shortbread and fruit mince tarts. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


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  • a buffet of shortbread and fruit mince tarts sounds great to me………
    except I cant eat it.the gluten thing strikes again!!
    Bah humbug…….
    Pixie recently posted..Stuff in my head

  • Von

    It makes it difficult for me when I read about how much you accomplish…I can’t even say, “Well, she doesn’t have four children”! The shoes sound amazing. What a virtuous birthday present.
    Von recently posted..Robins Egg

    • well as I constantly tell you people – this house is FILTHY. There’s a blender bowl still sitting in the sink from SATURDAY that I’m just working around. Hideous.

  • Paola

    Yes, but the things you accomplish are STILL amazing …

  • Its the same here … but different…
    I need to tlk to you about this c25K thingo…I need converting.
    jodie recently posted..Personalised Christmas decorations in ten minutes or less

  • Great shoes!!
    Amelia recently posted..December 20th

  • This post had me singing the gingerbread man song in my head, strange. “Run, run, as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man!” From my American childhood so not sure if you know it. I shall sing it for you when I see you next.

    Run, Kim, Run!!!
    Eleanor recently posted..Singing the Torah

  • Kill

    Due to my high cholesterol (up there with your arthritis for “WTF – at my age?” value) I may have starved in your house.
    Nice shoes, shame about the stack. Bugger the dog, leave him behind – it’s YOUR (only) time without kids – as if you need to complicate that with SOMEONE ELSE’S DOG! I mean really – be selfish for once woman.