End of an era

In two days time an era for this family will come to an end. A major chapter in Oscar’s life will finish as a whole new exciting one begins.

Starting school for a child with additional needs is a monumental undertaking. We started a good 18 months out from when it would finally happen. We desperately wanted him in a wonderful program offered by a specialist special needs primary school in a satellite class at a school literally a few blocks from our home. An anxious wait ended beautifully with two fabulous years in a program called Start Right. Indeed.

And yet, we had barely drawn breath and relaxed with that decision that the whole process had to start again with finding the best school for Oscar to then transition to. Unbelievably that school ended up being our local public primary school. He started there in Year 2, aged 8. (and look at how dinky and cute Felix was on his first day of school too!)

To say this school has gone above and beyond is an understatement. This school has treasured Oscar. They have seen him as ‘just’ another student in his year group all the while making the adjustments and allowances so many schools and anti-integration voices say are impossible. He has had the same opportunities and experiences as his peers plus more. He has been taught, loved and celebrated just as any child should be. They have regularly taken my breath away with their can-do attitude and soothed my worried heart through their zero-tolerance approach to bullying and their capacity to celebrate Oscar’s achievements as the Everest they sometimes are for our boy.

Tonight was Oscar’s Year 6 Farewell Dinner. This is a wonderful evening at the school, where the Year 5 and Year 6 students get all dressed up and have a good time.

I had been marvelling how unsentimental I’d been feeling about Oscar finishing primary school. I had put it down to the fact that Felix will still be there and Jasper is starting there next year. And then this happened:

Oscar’s Year 6 Farewell Dinner presentation from Kim at allconsuming on Vimeo.

I think it was the cheering that did it. Or maybe how he bounded up there. Who knows but once that happened I was a blubbering mess. Through the tears and snot and breaking voice I managed to get the teachers and Aides of Awesome who have taught Oscar at the school:

Our life? Full of wonderful people.

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  • Big Fish, Little Fish. I love that you so loved his experiences at his wonderful school that has so included him. All the best for his next foray.
    Nessaknit recently posted..Something for Stewart House

    • It has been quite the journey as people so love to say. We are ready for the next chapter though, time to move on!

  • Paola

    I wish I could see and hear some of this all over the world.
    Oscar looks so happy and confident it’s clear he’s had awesome fantastic peopel around him.

  • He looks so happy and handsome and proud!
    blackbird recently posted..shoes

  • jac

    That’s gorgeous. What more could you ask for…
    Congratulations Oscar!

  • Kill

    now you done gone made me cry too
    congratulations beautiful happy boy 🙂 big kiss X

  • LissyLouLou

    Oh Lord! Now you’ve made me cry and smile similtaneously.

  • Oh my God that is SO BEAUTIFUL. Had me tearing up, Kim. Just beautiful. There are good, decent people in the world …. how cool is that?? XOX