Three-Layered Peppermint Bark

Peppermint Bark

So over the past few years some of my US online friends have talked about a festive season treat called peppermint bark. I was intrigued and then I saw this. I’ve been waiting all year to make it and it hasn’t disappointed. At all.

Three-Layered Peppermint Bark

From Bon Appetit via Orangette

  • 500g white chocolate (not cooking chocolate and make sure it is good quality w/ cocoa butter content)
  • 30 red and white striped candy canes, crushed
  • 200g dark chocolate (again, not cooking chocolate)
  • 8 tbsp cream
  • 3/4 tsp peppermint essence

  1. Use the back of a large flat baking tray and mark out a 12×9 inch rectangle.
  2. Melt the white chocolate and spread 2/3 cup of it over the rectangle using a spatula or palette knife
  3. Sprinkle over 1/4 cup of the crushed peppermint canes and chill until set – about 10-15 minutes
  4. Combine the dark chocolate, cream and peppermint essence until just melted then cool to barely luke warm – about 5 minutes
  5. Pour over the white chocolate and then use a palette knife to smooth to an even layer then refrigerate until firm – about 20 mnutes
  6. Rewarm remaining white chocalate then, working quickly, pour over the dark chocolate layer and spread to cover.
  7. Sprinkle over remaining crushed candy canes and chill until set – about 20 minutes.
  8. To cut, pull it out of the fridge for a little while – I found cutting it while really hard just resulted in the layers splintering from each other.

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  • Tina

    Oh yum! Definitely going to have to make this. Thanks for sharing 🙂 x
    Tina recently posted..A Christmas Meme

    • allconsuming

      it is rather awesome. And looks bloody impressive too.

  • jodie

    Bloody hell, here i was thinking you were being so quiet but you moved !!!!! and you have videos and chocolate stuff !!!
    I need to pay more attention when people talk about dot coms and things – I just read blah blah kim and the computer blah…

    • allconsuming

      DUDE!!!! OH yes, I’m all grown UP!

  • blackbird

    Thank you so much for these. Several people are going to be very pleased.
    blackbird recently posted..I work with great people

    • allconsuming

      My absolute pleasure.

  • Sarah

    Yum yum yum, we’re making these today… I just hope they manage to get to their recipients on Christmas day!

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  • Veronica

    Yum! And hey, now I know what peppermint bark is!
    Veronica recently posted..Utter disgust and reclaiming some pride

  • allconsuming

    OH NO! Still, it’s basically chocolate and candy canes, it’ll all taste fine at the end of the day!