Gross generosity

It will not surprise some of you to learn that Mum and I went to Domayne the other day searching for some Christmas decorations Mum had seen in a magazine so therefore bought a bed.

For me.
And well, Chef as well I guess.


My mum bought me and my husband and brand new, fuck-off (or fuck-in as Chef is most certainly hoping) bed of AWESOME.

It was 40 per cent off and mum got an extra bit off and free delivery, because she’s amazing like that (while meanwhile my skin was crawling and I was coming over all hot and pretending to look for my offspring who were off jumping on display lounges) but it was still a very.expensive.more.than.we.could.ever.possibly.afford. king-size bed.

Mum was all, ‘you can’t keep sleeping in that bed of yours, it’s no good for your back’ while I was all, ‘yeah but, you can’t be buying me a bed for that kind of money’.

She said so long as I would still cook her dinner most nights of the week it was a fair trade.

Our existing king-size bed was 15 years old and if you slept for more than about 7 hours in it your back would be aching.

It was the first household item Chef and I bought when we were moving out of home. We bought a massive bed and a tiny fridge. Ahhh, young naive rooting-like-rabbits idiots.

So anyways, our new Bed Of AWESOME arrived today and people, PEOPLE, do you know what a good bed feels like?

I spent the rest of the day forbiding myself from lying down on it solely because I never would have gotten up.

It is divine and I am truly truly grateful.

Of course, its delivery spurred another great clean-a-thon. You know, floorboards are the double-edged sword of flooring. I mean, THE DUST. Part of me wishes we had carpets just so I couldn’t see how gross my tardy domesticity really is. But that would do nothing to hide the filthy state of our walls. I mean, does anyone else have to wash their walls? Are we really that gross? Clearly.

Anyway, our bedroom looks less like a uni dorm room for the first time in a long time and I’m afraid to say I’m going to have to feed the bed shark tonight to break the big bad baby of AWESOME in.

What? Too much?


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  • Gross generosity indeed.
    I can hardly think of anyone who deserves it more – or will use it better!
    blackbird recently posted..of interest to no one but myself- perhaps

  • There is nothing better than a good bed!

    Well, okay, lots better, but you know what I mean. Enjoy every inch of that bad boy! Oh, and the bed too.
    Wanderlust recently posted..This buys you 20 minutes of Angry Birds

  • Paola

    Party on!!!

  • I can safely reassure you all that the bed works. On all levels.

  • Ooo, I love a new bed. And a generous mum!
    Badger recently posted..Turn- turn- turn

  • Ahh the bed shark. I know it too well.
    There’s nothing nicer than a good bed, i LOVE my bed. It was the one thing i insisted on spending a ridiculous amount of dosh on when we moved here from the UK and it was worth every cent.

    • Yes, the bed shark is one species that is certainly not endangered.

  • awwwww how lovely is your mum.give her a hug from me!!!
    Pixie recently posted..Rabbit Hutch and other stuff

  • Yay for new beds. My mum used to do things like that as well. She was a champion shopper 🙂
    frogpondsrock recently posted..I hope they bite you!

  • All is smoothed in the universe when a good bed comes into the mix.

    Ours is 6′ wide and I LOVE IT!
    trash recently posted..OMG!