ding dong merrily I must be high…

So the other day you got me all trussed up like a turkey. This one’s just keepin’ it real.

Ding dong merrily I must be high. Also known as ‘putting up the Christmas tree’. from Kim at allconsuming on Vimeo.

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  • Kill

    What is making me motion sick is the whole room in mirror reverse???

  • Kill

    See I would have left ALL the dirt, the windows, the flyscreens and the books, shaken off the ants, and called ‘play on’. Here we just put up the tree, (quite a collaborative effort I must say), put the baby in the high chair to watch, played a Christmas CD and told the kids to put all the ugly child-made decorations (by definition anything involving cardboard or painted pasta!)on the back side of the tree where I can’t really see it!

    • That’s how I wish I had rolled yesterday. Still, it’s done now. ho ho ho.

  • Now I’m exhausted.
    blackbird recently posted..Survivor

  • I love being Jewish this time of year.

  • Kill

    You are a trooper – enjoy the Zen feeling and the Fruits of your Labours.

  • jac

    And this is why I never start anything. Actually, I never finish anything either. But by god there’s no ants. (That I know of.)

  • Paola

    I LURVE your videos and I really want to hug you.

  • I get the boys to put up the tree.
    That way they have to deal with any spiders. (Our decorations are just chucked in a box and shoved in the hall cupboard. Obviously, the more care you take packing them up, the more Murphy’s law is going to strike.)
    Frogdancer recently posted..Parcel-

    • Let me tell you that will be how it happens this year. And now it’s up? The two little fellas will NOT LEAVE THE FREAKIN’ TREE ALONE. Driving me NUTS!

  • Now, tell me more about this salacious SBS French movie.
    Love your work !

    • It’s the 2006 French version – it won various film festival awards. Chef is beside himself, looking to download it and subliminally cut it into other movies we watch etc. Such was its effect…

  • Hilarious.
    eurolush recently posted..An Early Thanksgiving Feast

  • I do that ALL the time. The starting one thing that leads to another and 3 hours later you have unintentionally moved house. And the ants? THE ANTS? Goodness me. AND, it seems you put out too? That IS a big day.
    BabyMacBeth recently posted..A very BabyMachristmas: The Tree