Two important questions

Having a child with special needs from Kim at allconsuming on Vimeo.

Just mixing it up with a wee video for you to watch. I KNOW, I’m so cutting edge.

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  • I understand exactly where you are coming from. My eldest daughter had severe multiple disabilities from difficulties at birth. It left her severely brain damaged, with uncontrolled epilepsy, floppy, without any communications skills, cortical blindness, she was eventually fed through a gastro tube in her stomach.

    But she was a smiley little girl, who I adored with all my heart.

    Through out her life I had to keep a sense of humour, because life does go on, and there is too much to deal with to be depressed, overwhelmed or not to cope.

    We had similiar thought processes in our decision making too. How does this effect Kaela and her quality of life. We had “family policies” in relation to decision making. ie: it is our policy that Kaela isn’t permitted to travel in a vehicle without a family member or friend in addition to the cab driver etc.

    I didn’t understand the phrase “living grief” until she died three years ago. Now I have realised that there was initial grief, living grief and the final grief and anger when her life was cut short at 16 years of age due to all of her compounding health problems.

    Good on you for speaking to everyone about Oscar and your family. Keep your sense of humour. I wish you and your family well.
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    • Wow, thanks Julie – your comment has blown me away.

  • jac

    I thought this was great! Oscar is very lucky 🙂

  • a beautiful piece, kim: oscar IS incredibly lucky and it is a poignant reminder to me that humour is often the best medicine and antidote to life in all its gory glory.

    [i have a brother with severe disabilities and to this day, i do not know how my mother coped when the 3 of us were young and growing up on in an isolated farming community – it blows my mind]

  • Is that MAKE UP?! Oh my lord, give me the number of your stylist…

    • I KNOW! It’s amazing how well I scrub up when I wash my hair, style it and slap on some war paint. Note to self: try it more often.

  • well said.
    nice to *hear* you.

    Pixie recently posted..What a day!!!

  • OH DUDE. I heart you.
    Badger recently posted..Holiday weekend

  • Oh I should have mentioned how awesome you looked in the video. Much better than the photo my brother took at the nuffnang christmas party.

    You did so well in putting together that video, well done 🙂
    GourmetGetaways recently posted..Sweet Pastry

  • love it kim! he’s a lucky boy to be a part of your family and vice versa!

    I got a new vid recorder for my blog but I’m not brave enough to get on myself so am just doing the kids first! easing myself in

    corrie recently posted..let the preparations begin

  • Lea

    How cute are you ? 😉

    I feel I can ‘hear’ you better now, can ‘hear’ you in all those posts past.

    for some reason,
    despite all those words, now, NOW .. I find you human.

    You know, not that I thought you were previously a monster, or a transformer, or a zombie or anything..

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  • I thought you’re looking mighty awesome too (I’m in love with your beautifully shaped eyebrows).

    I love your concept of Team Oscar. I’m sure I don’t have the beginning of a clue of what it takes to raise a child with special needs. Buy you’re damn well part of my education!
    Carolyn recently posted..Kindness of Strangers