So today was Run 1 of Week 4 of C25K.

It kicked my arse. Big time.

Three five minute runs, two three minute runs. Or some such. I don’t know, I just do what the voice tells me to do. Yep, basically I got an iPhone so I could use the C25K App. LAME.

When I did Run 3 of Week 3 it wasn’t enough and so I jogged about 3 minutes of the 5 minute warm-up. Then I realised that while I’d started my now fairly awesome running playlist (thanks to BabelBabe) I’d forgotten to start the App. Awesome. So I ran some more.

I was pretty sore after that – probably the sorest I’ve been through the whole program.

Then I did today’s run. It’s about nine hours since I ran but my legs still have that goodgy wobbly sensation and the muscles going up the back of my thighs and my arse hurt like hell.

and you know what?

I love it.

I always have. I just fall out of the habit of it and then the thought about getting back into it just seems too hard.

And so here I am, 5.5kgs down (six weeks of not eating enough for a small starving nation every day) and four weeks into the program and already my body tells me, ‘you need to go for a run’. Awesome.

So all I need now is for some of you out there who are running (Badger, I’m looking at you) to share your running playlist with me. Please!


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