I just don’t know myself anymore…

1. On Friday night I put up Christmas wall decals (they were really cheap at the Christmas store at Forestway Fruit Market).

2. Today I saw this on Loobylu‘s site and thought, ‘how adorable’ and went to order the pattern (I stopped myself but it’s only a matter of time).

3. I am into Week 3 of C25K and am loving it. I was a runner as a child so I figure this should not be that surprising. What is shocking is that I am running in a singlet top and bike shorts. In daylight. I have even taken to taking next door’s dog with me. I KNOW!

4. I am wearing clothing that bares my upper arms. Dudes, I have not worn sleeveless items of clothing since c1980. I have had bingo wings/foodoobadahs/tuck-shop arms since puberty. It’s not pretty. It appears I no longer care about public health and safety.

5. I am into week 5 of losing weight. I have neither forgotten that I am attempting to lose weight or given up. I’m down 5.5kgs.

6. In 1992 Chef and I went on a holiday together to Tasmania. We played Scrabble. He beat me. Badly. Being somewhat unhinged tempestuous I threw the Scrabble board in frustration. This would have been far more dramatic was it not Travel Scrabble, thereby meaning the pieces were magnetised and well, you can guess the rest. Fast forward to 2010 and now the proud owner of an iPhone (a totally new addiction I now how to reign in) Chef and I have started playing Words with Friends. Dudes, I have whipped.his.arse. TWICE. OH YEAH BABY. Of course in the current game I’m 70 points behind and seem to have a serve of vowels to make an Eastern European jealous but who the fuck cares. TWO GAMES IN A ROW. Bring it.


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  • It’s a NEW you.
    We’re hooked on Angry Birds over here. Much less cerebral.
    blackbird recently posted..catch

    • I’ve heard of this angry birds you talk of. I am still addicted to Doodlejump (teeheehee doodle!) and soduko. Old school.

  • Leanne

    Wow – I could definitely do with some of your energy! I’ve been Zumba-ing, but i don’t think once a week is doing much for me.
    Have a great day 🙂

  • ok.who are you???????? and what have you done with the Kim we all know and love?????
    Pixie recently posted..Gluten free show

  • I can no longer read Loobylu now that she’s living the dream, LOL.
    Running’s addictive isn’t it?
    Amelia recently posted..Ghermez Cupcakes

    • Considering we (as in Chef and I) have always dreamed of moving to either Canada or that top right corner of the US, that she is doing it has only served to make us a) green with envy and b) start to examine if we could ever actually do it. Seriously. we’re thinking maybe when Oscar finishes HS – Felix could finish school over there, jasper would just be starting HS and Grover would be in Yr 4 or 5. totally feasible. Now just to fund it…

      • We’d love love love to spend some time living overseas and with 2 sisters in the US that’s our preference but visa issues always seem practically insurmountable. Perhaps, chefing puts you in a better category. People everywhere need to eat, right?
        I’d keep reading, my dear, even if you did move to Canada, post irresistable photos of children in snow gear and spend your spare time doing illustrations about your adventures.
        Really, I would!
        Amelia recently posted..Ghermez Cupcakes

  • jac

    I am SO IMPRESSED you take next door’s dog. Whenever we see someone walking around our neighbourhood with no dog we yell, “Wasteful! Selfish!” It’s just the sort of people we are; plus, my dog would like about sixteen walks per day, and I don’t think he’s alone.

    • Dude, I reckon if you let your dog go he’d be the Forrest Gump of the canine world, not stopping until he got to the other side of the continent. Then he’d just swim until the next land-mass.

  • Kill

    The pure unadulterated joy of this post – tis a wonder to behold!
    But seriously, Christmas decals in November – even I wait until December 1st!

  • Bec

    just started a game with ‘allconsuming’ on words with friends – please tell me it’s you or I may die of internet shame. (didn’t expect it to just start the game without some sort of introduction! I’m playing as rdtl)

    Bec (graduated from C25K in October – we must stop this synchronicity or we’ll have to revive glamorouse)

    • Oh dude, you will eat me alive at wwf.

      And are you still running?

      Starting up Glamorouse again? I think you just made my head explode.

      • Bec

        Not only running but about to take advantage of an early mark home and go to a step class.

        Your turn, I’m only ahead by three and have a hand of very sucky vowels.

  • Paola

    So it’s not just me who want to move to Land of the Free … but I believe mine will remain a dream. FOREVAH!

  • PS Fran at craft room could totally help you out with that crochet owl pattern. She’s a star!
    Do you think you’ll be able to make it tomorrow night?
    Amelia recently posted..Ghermez Cupcakes