Thoughts on The Social Network

1. Do girls really behave like that at parties these days?

2. If you are not into fast talking movies, do not watch this movie.

3. If you struggle with the concept of email, do not watch this movie.

4. I know that all the players in the Facebook palaver have more money than God, but I still feel kinda sad for Eduardo.

5. I want to know how the real life protagonists feel about their portrayal in the movie.

Vanity Fair asks 25 questions about The Social Network here. I totally agree with their call on the best scene in the whole film. And no, it’s not the girl-on-girl action or the bathroom scene. Sheesh. I’m tacky not smutty.

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  • Eleanor

    Re number two – so true!! I read somewhere that they realised that the script was running too long and having the actors race through their lines was planned so as to "shorten" it. I was literally out of breath at the end of the film.

  • Shannon

    Yep, I want to know what they think of the portrayal also….must google….

    And I hope girls don't do that at parties, but I reckon they do.

  • kim at allconsuming

    it was like The West Wing all over again … with no, 'walk with me'.

    and if girls behave like that at parties I feel kind of sad.

    And is Harvard really like that? With swanky limousine buses ferrying students to parties and the like? Clearly a stratosphere in which I have never circled.

  • trash

    What did they do at the party?? I live out in the middle of the never never and won't get to see this film for years if EVER (factor in I still haven't seen 'The Crying Game') so pleeeeease will someone tell me???

  • Anonymous

    I'm an Aussie but spent a year abroad working in the USA with a bunch of college students, and let me tell you, the girls there definitely do that at parties!!!