In what can only be described as a pre-teen act of bastardry Felix taught Jasper and Grover the chorus from Justin Beiber’s Babydoll. This came about as the worst, the WORST name you can call anyone under the age of, oh, 13, in this house is baby. It is guaranteed to get wails of protest, gnashing of teeth, tears of humiliation and anger all at a volume to summon the hounds from hell.
In what can only be described as a perfect example of karma, Jasper and Grover have morphed the chorus into ‘you’re just a baby, baby, baby DOLL’ complete with finger pointing and general derisive tone. All directed at Felix.
Of course, there are highly inappropriate moments the song is put to use. Like at Woollies on Wednesday when I dragged my sorry drugged arse out of the house with Grover in tow and he decided a rather elderly lady he saw walking through the carpark needed serenading. And proceeded to do so every.single.time.he.saw.her. Awkward.
In other news, I made The Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon scrolls. Yes, I do seem intent on fast tracking my metamorphosis into the size of Gilbert Grape’s mother but what can I say, they are FUCKING sensational.


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