25 years.
A friendship forged in Year 8 German lessons. Gruss Gott Gerd!
So many memories.
The discovery of, development of, questioning of and quiet acceptance of faith.  
Many many tears.
As much, if not more laughter.
So much food.
A lot of alcohol.
Litres of tea.
Long long phone calls.
Separated by a mountain range and about 350kms.

Absolutely, purely, unfailingly, unquestionably one of the most precious, treasured parts of my life.

I love you KLR, will always always be there for you no matter what and am so very very proud to be Godmother to your daughter.


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  • Bianca Jae Makes Stuff

    Lovely post 🙂 xox

  • Paola

    I am always touched by friednships like yours as I don't have one. It's magical, I think.

    German? In Australia??? WHY?????

  • blackbird

    Look how beautiful the two of you are!

    (Also, that is a fabulous jacket/shirt thing you have on!)

  • Being Me

    Very, very lovely post 🙂

  • Corrie

    that is so sweet and I love the photos too! awwwwwwwwwww