The opposite of The Dream

What I wanted to do today: nothing.

I visualised it. I said it out loud.

What I have done today. So far:
– two loads of washing
– got two little kids dressed and fed
– got two big kids to school with lunches
– showered
– printed Felix’s assignment for him
– Worked out why it wasn’t printing properly
– Changed highway robbery ink cartridges in printer
– Collected items requested by mum
– Visited mum
– Stopped at a park
– Let children play while me and another mum started talking about just how much we hate the park
– Did the grocery shopping
– Brought all the groceries in and unpacked them
– Cleaned up mum’s place
– Re-stocked her fridge

and now it’s time to go and collect the bigger boys from school.


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  • Alison

    …and you still have the energy to update the blog… Hats off!

  • blackbird

    Imagine if that WAS the dream?

    I should try and do this for my at work life. It took me four hours to arrange a meeting yesterday. Between three people.

  • Paola

    So your already halfway through your day?
    Then you STILL have time to do NOTHING!!!
    I mean, visualize it …
    God you are strong.

  • Leanne Scrapper

    Nothing…..hmmm, what is that like again, I think I've done that in life before children?
    In other news, I am going to 'Craft Camp' next weekend for my birthday, I'm a bit scared of what I might come home to tho…wish me luck and I will send lots of 'Doing Nothing' vibes your way 🙂
    Wishing you a Happy Saturday!

  • Jane

    Does any one really like going to the park? I hate it. I even hate it when my children are having fun. I can't help it.

    And I am with you re ink catridges. What are they, gold plated?