Some songs for you

Everybody knows (insert sibling’s name here) picks his nose
He rubs it in the dirt
And eats it for dessert
When he’s in the shower
He picks it for an hour
When he’s in bed
He picks his bum instead.

(insert sibling’s name) is a nut
He has a rubber butt
When he turns around
It goes putt putt.

Go try them out on some workmates, I’m sure they’ll see the humour.

No really.


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  • blackbird

    I'll mention it to the CEO.

  • tulpen

    My kids will LOVE this!!

  • Anonymous

    I am extraordinarily pleased that some things about childhood never change.
    Kim, I have been a follower/admirer of your blog for a couple of years and have never left a comment before, so thankyou thankyou thankyou for your honest, witty and raw-in-a-good way writing. It also struck me that you may be a good person to answer one of those little questions of life. Are you able to shed any light on the reason why on special days, such as a husband's birthday when I try to be more organised than chaotic, ten minutes before my daughter leaves for one school to engage in the task of learning and I leave for another school to engage in the task of librarying she says to me…Mum can you check my head i'm itchy? You guessed it. I part her hair to find eggs, and a miniature monster shooting those little fuckers out of her fanny more rapidly than a demented bazooker. An hour and a half later we both leave home and the day is sliding rapidly downhill. Why?
    Please feel free to answer, politely dismiss, fob off or completely ignore as you see fit.
    With warm regards
    Festival Fester-ville