Winners are grinners

On Friday I had the most glorious day, which was good considering just how shite today was. The best part was Eleanor coming to visit. This had been arranged a week before and long before I decided to run a competition and even longer before I drew the winner and the winner was Eleanor. We were both worried everyone would think I rigged it but I promise I didn’t. I DIDN’T.

She came armed with bagels and a challah. I cared for her hips with The Banana Coconut Cake. It was a delicious few hours.

She ensured Jasper will love her forever by playing some bizarre poison ball game with him on the trampoline and learning the subtle nuances of a tickle tackle. Such is their mutual admiration, they shared their glasses with each other:

Eleanor’s holding her loot here – a jar of Strawberry Rhubarb jam and a jar of Quince Relish.

And how hard is Jasper rockin’ those specs of Eleanor’s!

Winners all round.