This one time at craft camp


Hop on ladies, hop on.

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  • kim at allconsuming

    How fucking creepy is that film clip!

  • trash

    Have you seen the literal version? As for craft camp – one day, one day…

  • tulpen

    Craft camp sounds fun.

    The literal version of that video is pee your pants funny.

  • Turning Japanese


  • Jodie

    Just so you know : it is in fact possible to snort peanut butter toast out your nose in a fit of laughter.
    Obviously I don't recommend it…but it is humanly possible!

    Beware the dismount.

  • Fairlie

    Seriously creepy.

  • SadieandLance

    OMG I only made it to 1.44, couldn't take it any more. I prefer the live version anyway.

  • Di

    Remember that fit of uncontrollable laughter I had around noon on Sunday? I've just had a relapse…

    (and the word verification is the somewhat ironic NONFLO)