Random and a GIVEAWAY!

I’ve decided if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. I’m giving away a gift pack of of my jams and relishes. Just leave a comment to be in the running for a jar of strawberry rhubarb jam and tomato relish.

No, I’m not kidding, whereever you are in the world. Comment and be in the running for some food made with love and devotion.

Oh – and entries close at midnight on Wednesday, 18 August.
A woman rang my mum the other day looking for some tutoring for her son. For some reason she rang our number so when I was giving mum the message she cut me off with this: “OH those (insert surname here). Thick as planks the lot of them”.

Don’t you love a teacher who just says it how it is.

And I think, anyone could say pretty much anything about me but if someone thought I was as thick as a plank I’d be fairly devastated.
We know three other children going to school with Oscar next year – I’m just so excited (as is he).
The weather in Sydney is disgustingly gorgeous. I’ve just spent two hours in the garden with Mum and the boys and while my back (and the suspect hernia) is letting me know about it, man it felt good. Basil and parsley are in, as are some ground-covers down in the back corner and one of my gardenias has gone into the ground after being pot-bound for the last, oh, decade. Let’s just sit back and watch it die now.
Oscar had Special Olympics ten pin bowling this morning and after the f.o.u.r. hours of it I endured witnessed last week I was looking forward to it as much as a poke in the eye. Anyway, the girls we normally play with were back this week so I had someone to gasbag with and the little fellas, who had come along to test my ability to remain calm in situations of intense stress, were angels.
The chore board is still rollicking along. Felix and I talked about it last night and he told me he’s going to save up to buy a new bike at the beginning of next year.
Team Berry is also working an absolute treat and it is remarkable how such small adjustements have improved my life beyond measure.
I’m making batches of jam this afternoon and yesterday made some spiced poached pears, stewed some apples and made a rhubarb compote.
Dudes, I know it’s early days from mid-week when I was in tears at my psychiatrists office but I feel like I’m back.

And that is a pretty awesome feeling to have.


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  • peskypixies

    so glad to have you back girl!!!

    Jam??did someone mention jam????

  • SadieandLance

    Wow, you're all go go go. Basil in the garden? I wish. Too early here. I'm all about the lettuce and parsnips and peas.

    And you know i'd love some jam – and chutney. But I'll just do a swap with you some day. My chilli jam for whatever jar you got going at the time?

  • Eleanor

    The thought of anybody ever calling you as thick as a plank just makes me laugh. Even if you tried really really hard and practiced every day you still could never be as thick as a plank.


  • Corrie

    you go girl! sounds like a great start to the weekend! oh the weather is so good – unfortunately keira thinks it's ready to get into the pool and is at her daddy to take her in swimming!

    how cool that oscar knows kids going to high school, that will make a big difference!

  • •´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´•

    Woo hoo for things getting better !

    On the chore board do you use pics for the little angels …I am going to do it !just give me a few days LOL.

    We are not at home right now.

  • Paola

    A chance to win some of your deliscious sounding, drool making, yummy jam and relish!!!
    Here I am, hoping I'll win.
    It's oh so good to hear you're feeling better. I wish I did, because even if I never went on meds or anything, I've been those symptons allright! And it ain't pretty …
    BUT, I could win.

  • Paola

    delicious … it's early in the morning here …

  • Suse

    As someone who has tasted the awesomeness of your jams, I AM IN please.

    As for Melbourne, the weather is merely disgusting at the moment.

  • Jen

    It was indeed a gorgeous Sydney day today. The tales of your cooking and jam making and gardening and everything else are wonderful to read, even the difficult bits. I'd love to try your jam – sounds so yum!

  • Frogdancer

    Jam!!! Jam!!!!

    (It's almost the only way I eat fruit….)

  • Maureen

    Tea with jam and bread,
    With jam, with jam,
    With jam and bread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kirsti

    Mate, I will do ANYTHING for relish.

    Especially home-made relish.

    Especially made by you.

    Onwards 😛

  • trash

    My girl is going to big school in the new school year (only three weeks away here)too and my heart sings knowing she will know friends when she gets there.

    On the off chance that my name is drawn in your particularly yummy sounding giveaway would you redraw and send it in Australia for me please? The thought of postage o/s is making my heart pound.

  • blackbird

    I haven't been around since cranky ovaries and it sounds like things are humming along. Thick as a plank? Not with your new scheme for chores and having Chef pitch in. Genius is more like it!

  • Mrs Woog

    I am particularly keen on giving you stash a good home…. in my belly

  • tiff(threeringcircus)

    Putting my name down here for your goods. Yes please! mmmm.

  • Anonymous

    Conundrum – should I grovel/fawn? should I heap praise regarding your cooking/parenting/writing skills? should I beg? or should I admit that I would eat the homemade goodies with a spoon and guarantee that they would go straight to my belly/boobs and bum…along with the jar/s of homemade lemon butter that I made and scoffed last week?


  • thewoodbus

    As the selfish person I am, I truely feel the jams would inspire creativity in hair-dos! But to be fair…the comments ahead of mine are much funnier! 😉

  • Leanne Scrapper

    Drat, does it have to be a funny/amusing comment? I think I am all out of funny and amusingness – perhaps your jam/relish could refunny me?

    Or does it just help with getting the household males to help with the household chores? In that case I need a LOT of it 🙂

    Thanks muchly – and most excellent to hear you had such a great weekend!

  • Mary

    Don't put me in the draw because I am trying to steer clear of sugar at the moment BUT I am here to also bear witness to the gorgeousness of your jams and condiments!

  • Mary

    PS – I see farmers markets in your future!

  • Susan, Mum to Molly

    Can I comment only to say PLEEEASE give the goods to Tiff?

    She REALLY deserves your preserves!!

  • Kill

    You have been selected from thousands of jam-making-bloggers to enter your preserves into the International "I'm at Home Bloggin', Bakin' and Makin' Jam" Festival. The prize money is huge, the prestige unprecedented. All you have to do is send a jar of your best jam to this address (my house) and you will be in the running to win. Act now, or miss this once in a lifetime opportunity. Good luck!

  • Duyvken

    Late as usual but I bet the jam will be fab.
    Fitting farmers markets in might be tricky with all that free time you've got, NOT! But have you checked out getting another stallholder to carry your stuff? Worth a look!

  • Duyvken

    Late as usual but I bet the jam will be fab.
    Fitting farmers markets in might be tricky with all that free time you've got, NOT! But have you checked out getting another stallholder to carry your stuff? Worth a look!