You know, incubating four babies, pushing said babies out, feeding the beasts from my own beasts of burden breasts and to this day allowing my body to be used for cuddles and comfort should be enough.

I feel I have paid my dues.

But no. For the last two months I have endured the most annoyingly painful ovulation processes. This month it’s the right, last month it was the left.

Then, THEN, I had dreadful pain when the poor neglected unfertilised (thank whatever God you worship) egg left it’s little home.

I had the worst period pain I’ve ever had since oh, about 1988.

And the pimples. Ugly big red cyst like pimples on my jawline and neck.


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  • sooz


    But the weirdest thing ever is the bottom of your post where it says "you might also like:" is pointing me to quince jam post. why would it do that? Does it know something we don't?

  • Christina

    Ugh! Also feeling the frustration of being female … mastitis! Woo! And hormonal cyst like pimples! And and and oh just pass me the chocolate.

  • Lucy

    Thing of it like a bodily spring clean……

  • kim at allconsuming

    Oh Christina, mastitis blows big meaty chunks. I am the QUEEN of the Mastitis. Hideous hideous hideous.

    Lucy – the bright side? Look on it with a positive outlook? Pfft.

    Sooz – that thought had crossed my mind.

  • SawHole

    Ha ha. I know what is happening because I asked my beautician the other day why I had huge blind pimples on my face. The 25-year-old looked at me and then checked my form and said: "Well as we are getting closer to menopause these things happen." Menopause – I am bloody 36, b'hatch.
    So there you go, Kimmay, that is what is happening. Please don't shoot the messenger.

  • Kill

    If it makes you feel better, the day the embryo implanted in my uterus (ie: 10 days after ovulation/fertilisation)was the start of a week of back pain for me such that I could barely walk and the doc gave me cortisone injection into my spine! It appears that this is the joy of reproductive activity in the 'late' thirties.

    Ahhh, and the word verification is NOOGYM

  • Paola

    Oh how I hear ya! So much I can simply simpathize. Nothing more. Although for me there's no pimples so I guess I am lucky.

  • blackbird

    Oh, and your cycle could be 35 days or COULD be 15 days? And the sore breasts make you want to weep? And you are cranky?

    Preaching to the choir.

    (Today, at BlogHer I asked someone if there were lots of people at a particular event. She replied: oh HEAPS! I heard her accent and thought of you and had a little moment. A moment of Australia love.)

  • Mary

    Worse periods, worse pmt, worse pimples than I ever experienced as a teenager!


  • Anonymous

    Yep. What you all said.

    Love the new banner.


  • Leanne Scrapper

    We women get all the best stuff don't we! Think I'll book my hubby in for a prostate exam to make myself feel better 🙂

  • tulpen

    Periods are the worst idea ever.

    Got me a mirena. Had my period for like half a day this month. Still with the monthly migraine though.. that's a bitch.. just like ms. nature… bitch.