Off like a bride’s nightie

So, we’re off on a four day long weekend with Chef’s family.

We’re all going to a farm belonging to some family friend’s which happens to be the farm where we held our wedding reception.

We haven’t been since I was pregnant with Jasper.

The whole family is going to celebrate my FIL turning 70.

I know this sounds incredibly dorky, but Chef’s family is awesome and a whole heap of fun and I have been GAGGING for this weekend since it was earmarked at the beginning of the year.

I don’t think the boys could be more excited.

I planned to be on the road by 9am and we’re only a half hour off schedule.

I’ll see you all Monday night with a pictorial display of just how lovely this place is and probably some scenes of us all drinking way too much alcohol and eating enough to satiate a small African nation.