10 points to indicate the earth has tilted on its axis or perhaps the apocalypse is imminent

1. I woke up in a good mood
2. Felix has started having a (decaffeinated) coffee in  the mornings and when I was showing him how to make it  I indicated there was one very important rule he had to adhere to: that when he made it he had to make his mum a cup of tea and bring it to her. Today I had my tea brought to me when I was in the shower.
3. All the children who had to be at school were at school. ON TIME.
4. I vacuumed the car.
5. I mopped the floor of the car. Yes, my car has plastic flooring. It was about the only stipulation I had on a new car. That and that there was enough space that all four children could be in said car and not able to physically touch each other. Priorities people.
6. I went out to lunch (Chef’s work: Danks St Depot) and someone else (mum) paid.
7. My two youngest children came out to lunch too and were perfectly behaved.
8. I was not late picking the boys up from school.
9. I read the boys the riot act about coming into the supermarket (the definition of a ‘treat’; the no running, no screaming, no fighting, no squealing, no anything except breathing and walking beside me; the threat of removing chosen treat for any breaking of rules) AND they adhered to it.
10. It’s 6pm and only one child is crying.

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  • trash

    Can't stop, am heading up onto roof to check for four horsemen passing by.

  • Anonymous

    Someone once told me "never turn your back to the ocean's waves and NEVER turn you back to your children – because when you least expect it both can turn nasty and rip the ground from under your feet".

    So stay alert and watch you back.

  • rachelmp

    I hear you.. I will never go into the supermarket with 4 children and I avoid having them all in the car at once too

  • Corrie

    oh man, feel free to come and spread some of that fairy dust this way!

    I'm still amazed at a vacuumed car! everytime hubby cleans the car he tells me no eating in the car – oh sure, you're not the one with 3 little kids in the car everyday!!!!!


  • blackbird

    Perhaps an eclipse?

  • Paola

    Just enjoy it!

  • 74 Lime Lane

    ah no.9 ~ the exact same words come out of my mouth when we head into the supermarket. Must be a boy thing

  • peskypixies

    ok…..so whose medication are you taking???as you are obviously off with the pixies!!!!!

  • Mrs Woog

    Ok so, dare I ask? How is today going?

  • kim at allconsuming

    I am alert and growing more alarmed by the hour.

    All day I have not had to raise my voice, break up one fight, mediate one tussle over the same toy, nothing. Not a nadda.

    they're all playing beautifully.

    I tell you, it's Bizarro World.

  • M

    Enjoy. Because you know that soon you will open a door and realise you've been in a parallel universe.