Wollombi: Part 1

Let’s get our bearings:

It’s almost exactly 1hr 45mins from our place.

Brace yourself for some spectacular artsy photographs taken one misty morning solely to make you all green with envy:

Can you tell we had an awesome weekend?


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  • Mary

    I'm (literally) beginning to get the picture that you had a most excellent weekend..

    and no family deserves it more..

  • Holly – MDM

    Wollombi is an amazing little town. We were married in the old sandstone church there.

  • Badger

    CANNOT get over how much certain parts of Australia look like certain parts of Texas. From far away through the mist, anyway.

    (And YAY for an awesome weekend!)

  • blackbird

    Am slightly distracted by The Entrance – you know, just north of Manly.

  • Paola

    I can't believe I got caught by the exact same thing as Bb.
    The Entrance.
    Awesome weekend indeed by those pics.

  • tiff(threeringcircus)

    Woolombi: 10 minutes from our town. Beautiful! Glad you had a lovely time.