The Multi-Faceted Approach to Building a Better Penis

I’m sorry, but I just received some spam with that as the title.

And that, my friends, is a title.

Poor naive dears, don’t they realise a better penis has already been built? Sure it needs batteries but you can turn it on and off, it never nags you for sex AND it never ever pisses around the toilet rather than in it.

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  • Paola

    AMEN Sister!

  • trash

    And you can have more than one in the house without anyone getting snippy or upset.

  • Mrs Woog

    And it will not reach it's destination before you…..

  • Tania

    Thank heaven for that. To say I was tentatively clicking on your blog with that title screaming at me from my blog list, is a veritable understatement.

    But scarily word verification is 'hymette'. Think I'll be going now.