High School for Oscar confirmed


Today started with me black and bad, angry and resentful, full of inexplicable bile and agro.

Then chef made me laugh and it improved greatly.

Then I made apple cinnamon fritters and it got even better, even if my headache did not.

And then, AND THEN


THE LETTER being THE LETTER from St Edmund’s School offering Oscar a place for high school.

DUDES – words will not express what this means.

This is the difference between Oscar soaring and Oscar ‘being OK’.
The difference between Oscar learning and Oscar being minded.
The difference between Oscar being a part of something and Oscar just being there.

and a hundred other differences.

It is huge.


PS – In coming weeks (read months by the time I get myself organised) I will be setting up a donate button in my sidebar for anyone feeling compelled to help us pay for the tuition. It is not a State school and while the fees are remarkably reasonable for the education Oscar will get, it is still a few thousand dollars we don’t have.

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  • Paola

    Oh Kim, that IS HUGE!!!
    I am jumping and smiling.

  • Corrie

    I am soooooooooo happy for you guys. I really did get all teary when I looked up the school because it looks like such a very special place and high school is going to be very important. I knew there wasn't anywhere up our way!!

    now when you're all organised – if you want to do a little online auction then I am more than happy to donate a big bag of some lovely goodies from my store. I know how important education is and will be happy to help out!

    hugs, hope you're going to have a little something to celebrate tonight!

  • jac

    Yay Oscar!!! So excited for you all!

  • blackbird

    I am very pleased.
    (Not so much re the tuition. Let's not discuss tuition.)

  • SadieandLance

    Bloody Brilliant!

  • Badger

    OH DUDE. That is BEYOND awesome! I am so thrilled for you guys and O.

  • Mary

    i am beyond happy about this news – it was the kind of break you thoroughly deserve..

  • Alison

    Great news Kim and Oscar! As with primary school, we'll be staying in touch to get your feedback on how it all goes…but I figure I have another 2 years until our serious research starts! Al