What’s your Top 3

So we have a ‘new’ Prime Minister in Australia, Julia Gillard. ‘New’ in that she’s acted in the role plenty of times over the last two and a half years but now is front and centre full time.

Her top items to deal with were the super profits mining tax, refugees and climate change.

I have significant doubts these are the three top issues closest to her heart but more a reflection on what was hurting the Government in various opinion polls. Dealing with these issues is far less about solutions and far more about taking the heat out of them in the media and thereby dropping them off the agenda for the people.

I wonder what are Julia Gillard’s Top 3, even Top 5 concerns or passion points that she wants to engineer real change for.

1. Rectifying the hopeless state of our mental health services
2. Rectifying the hopelessly outdated systems and structures in educating students with disabilities. (Not to mention the whole desperate situation of our disability services.)
3. Actually doing something about key environmental issues – primarily the Murray River.

What are yours? It doesn’t matter where you live or what country you live it, I’m really curious about what are the hot buttons irrespective of geography.

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  • kurrabikid

    1. Reviving the CPRS. I know climate change is in the 'too hard' basket, but it's only going to get harder…
    2. Serious investment in renewable energy schemes.
    3. Taking action to address childcare shortages in the places where it really is a huge problem.

    That would be a good start!

  • Janet

    1. Public education education for all children regardless of where they live. And that caters for all children.

    2. Serious investment in the public health system – we shouldn't have people who have major health problems because they can't afford to go to the dentist. You also shouldn't have to be in crisis to access mental health services. All round we could do better.

    3. Homelessness. Why does a wealthy country like ours have a problem with this? And why haven't we fixed it already?

    I also think we should take in more refugees, treat them better when they get here (I so need to do a big post on that one). We should also be paying more attention to infrastructure like public transport, faster broadband (not just for selfish bloggy reasons) and the health of our rivers and soil. Oh my goodness there is just so much to do!

  • Corrie


    – public hospitals is a real biggie for me. just take a look at our area and the fact you have to drive to the bottom of the nthn beaches to have a baby and the state of the hospitals. It's no wonder I refuse to give birth down there at manly.

    – education – not for my children personally because I feel grateful for the good schools in our area but I know that doesn't apply for the rest of australia and I wish everyone had that choice of a really good school being down the road from them with excellent facilities, teachers and results.

    – environment – feel like it's on the backburner at the moment.

    – poverty – not just australia but also globally and its commitments.

    and after all of that for me personally I'd like to see some more financial support for single income families. I feel like we're kind of ignored and it's all about the working families with double incomes and child care rebates and benefits.

    ok thats all for me, off my little soapbox! I'm actually not a labour person but really didn't like kevin so am happy to have the change!


  • Paola

    Just 3? Hard.

    1. Our hospitals which are HELL
    2. Our Education: it stinks on so many levels
    3. Immigration: we are losing our own Country
    Nuff said

  • Kill

    1. Pay farmers what it REALLY costs to produce food – they can then sustain their rural communities, employ people and nurture their precious farms and rivers as they would like to – wanting the cheapest food at all costs has a price; and organics is not the answer on a large scale. We need a balance between production and environmental management to ensure sustainability for rural communities and the environment.

    2. Totally reform the welfare system to encourage self esteem and self reliance rather than dependance on hand outs that ends up creating welfare as a lifestyle choice, rather than a safety net.

    3. Effective resourcing of the health system, including mental health services, disability services and rural health.

    4. Education – well I have issues but let's start with the above issues and try to get more children arriving at the school with decent health and employed, self confident, engaged parents

  • kim at allconsuming

    Ahh, most excellent. KEEP 'EM COMING folks.

  • Anonymous

    1. Refugees – I believe they mostly really are fleeing horrible situations, and should be treated with respect and compassion.

    2. A decent, scientific plan about climate change. One that doesn't put short term ease before long term pain.

    3. Some sort of view about the future, something for Australians/Australia to strive for. Not mediocrity or the status quo.