when M came to visit

Chef’s brother M came over today, hung out for the afternoon and had dinner with us.

The passion M and Chef’s sister L have for the Australian soapie Neighbours is an ongoing point of humour and derision in our family.

But this is when I confess something to you all. Over the last few weeks the channel has not changed when the Simpsons end and Neighbours begins. It hasn’t changed enough that when I see L or M I have to ask them what on earth is going on with Steph and Toadie and how does Lucas fit into that picture and what the hell are they protecting Libby from.

I KNOW. I’m so ashamed.

But with M’s visit today we had to watch. I mean, it was the only polite thing to do.

There is a scene between a new character (Natasha) and a long time character (Libby) who is now a teacher at the local high school (Erinsborough High)

Me to M: So how did Libby work out Natasha was smart

M: She caught her doing the Samurai Sudoku

Me (and Chef): OH WELL, OF COURSE!

M: It’s a highly developed system of identifying intelligence

Chef: I don’t see why schools even bother with the NAPLAN, they should just get everyone to do a Samurai sudoku

M: Yeah, then schools could just be ranks as easy, moderate, tough and diabolical.