the pros and cons over:

A. a gig at one of Sydney’s leading up-market cafe type establishments (you know the type – more a restaurant than cafe but without the tablecloths and pomp)


B. a gig at a restaurant which would require us to relocate

Pros of A
– awesome place to work
– excellent in terms of long term job prospects
– looks good on the CV

Cons of A
– travel/commute
– the money. I’m talking significantly less than what he was on for the first couple of months and then marginally less than what he was on at the job he had until he asked for a pay rise.

Pros of B
– the money
– the excitement of a relocate to a new city
– the chance to live on our own. With space. Possibly on outskirts of city in semi-rural setting.

Cons of B
– the expense and stress of a relocate to a new city
– being away from family

Of course, neither A nor B are in the bag and both A and B could quite easily not eventuate at all. Hey, I told you I was no good at the waiting game.

We are leaning heavily towards Option A purely because of the calibre and reputation and opportunity to work at this particular place. You should have seen Chef after he did a trial there, gushing about how there was a whole cow hanging in the cool room*.

Just how we would survive on what he would be paid, particularly in the first instance, is beyond both of us.

* they also make their own smallgoods and grow other produce.