Points of order

I am so so sick of being the only one to pick crap up off the floors in our house. So very very sick of it.

I had a dream last night that involved Mrs Woog (& one of her boys) and me (& Oscar) being at hospital on the same day. It was such that when we booked in there was a note hanging beside the desk saying

Want to try juice that will send you to heaven? Meet me at the cafe. 

Mrs Woog.

So stoked was I that she was also at the hospital I took Oscar off to the cafe armed with our beeper (like one you get when you order takeaway at the chicken shop or meals at the pub – you know, the ones that flash and buzz when your meal is ready. This buzzed when they were ready for your kid in theatres. I KNOW.) So we walked to the cafe which was an AGE and a HILL away but it was all social and fun with our kids in hospital tags and gowns and us all gorging on juice and pastries. Then I got all panicky and tried to get back to the hospital only to find us locked out due to there being a big chain and padlock through the front doors. The police arrived but failed to bring bolt-cutters so I somehow managed to manipulate the lock with.my.bare.hands. I remember my hands THROBBING from the effort. Anyway, I was convinced we were going to be in big big trouble but as we rushed back in they were all as calm as could be. Typical.

Yup, recalling dreams is as tedious as it must be boring for you all to read.

We have too much furniture in our living space. It is truly shitting me BUT the amount of furniture is necessary for the number of people housed here.

Mum is very stiff and sore but is mobile. Bad backs require time. Lots and lots of time.

Oscar’s casts come off in two weeks. TWO! Can you believe it. In the blink of an eye I tell you.

Felix hasn’t been playing sport for the last two (or is it three?) weeks due to wet weather. You can tell – in behaviour and in girth.

Grover is three in a month. THREE. How and when did that happen.

I’m organising our school reunion. Yes I know, I am an idiot. I’m working on a venue for the gathering this week. But I want ideas on things you’d like to see at your 20 year reunion.
– Photo montages from your school days?
– A ‘where are we now’ type booklet where people have answered maybe 5? 10? questions about their life since leaving school?
Bride slides? (updated: bad idea) (it was an all-girl school – thinking a photo projection of those who have got hitched in their wedding regalia) (updated: grammar/sentence structure corrected)

Your thoughts and experiences would be appreciated.

Chef has had three interviews. One was promising but the guy was in no rush, one was a dud and one has him doing a trial shift on Thursday.

Have you noticed the whole trend for blogs to do giveaways? Apparently it does wonders for your traffic and whatnot but you know what? The ones where you have to ‘follow’ the person as a point of entering? They shit me. I mean, it’s just so superficial. ‘oooo look at me, I have eleventy gagillion followers. ooo eer.’  I mean, get Google Analytics or if that makes your eyes bleed and makes no sense as as much as it does for me use something like Statcounter and get a room. It’s just so Sydney otherwise. Apart from that I just don’t see the need to follow people. I’ve got you all in my Google Reader, it tells me when you’ve updated. Enough already.