Points of order

I am so so sick of being the only one to pick crap up off the floors in our house. So very very sick of it.

I had a dream last night that involved Mrs Woog (& one of her boys) and me (& Oscar) being at hospital on the same day. It was such that when we booked in there was a note hanging beside the desk saying

Want to try juice that will send you to heaven? Meet me at the cafe. 

Mrs Woog.

So stoked was I that she was also at the hospital I took Oscar off to the cafe armed with our beeper (like one you get when you order takeaway at the chicken shop or meals at the pub – you know, the ones that flash and buzz when your meal is ready. This buzzed when they were ready for your kid in theatres. I KNOW.) So we walked to the cafe which was an AGE and a HILL away but it was all social and fun with our kids in hospital tags and gowns and us all gorging on juice and pastries. Then I got all panicky and tried to get back to the hospital only to find us locked out due to there being a big chain and padlock through the front doors. The police arrived but failed to bring bolt-cutters so I somehow managed to manipulate the lock with.my.bare.hands. I remember my hands THROBBING from the effort. Anyway, I was convinced we were going to be in big big trouble but as we rushed back in they were all as calm as could be. Typical.

Yup, recalling dreams is as tedious as it must be boring for you all to read.

We have too much furniture in our living space. It is truly shitting me BUT the amount of furniture is necessary for the number of people housed here.

Mum is very stiff and sore but is mobile. Bad backs require time. Lots and lots of time.

Oscar’s casts come off in two weeks. TWO! Can you believe it. In the blink of an eye I tell you.

Felix hasn’t been playing sport for the last two (or is it three?) weeks due to wet weather. You can tell – in behaviour and in girth.

Grover is three in a month. THREE. How and when did that happen.

I’m organising our school reunion. Yes I know, I am an idiot. I’m working on a venue for the gathering this week. But I want ideas on things you’d like to see at your 20 year reunion.
– Photo montages from your school days?
– A ‘where are we now’ type booklet where people have answered maybe 5? 10? questions about their life since leaving school?
Bride slides? (updated: bad idea) (it was an all-girl school – thinking a photo projection of those who have got hitched in their wedding regalia) (updated: grammar/sentence structure corrected)

Your thoughts and experiences would be appreciated.

Chef has had three interviews. One was promising but the guy was in no rush, one was a dud and one has him doing a trial shift on Thursday.

Have you noticed the whole trend for blogs to do giveaways? Apparently it does wonders for your traffic and whatnot but you know what? The ones where you have to ‘follow’ the person as a point of entering? They shit me. I mean, it’s just so superficial. ‘oooo look at me, I have eleventy gagillion followers. ooo eer.’  I mean, get Google Analytics or if that makes your eyes bleed and makes no sense as as much as it does for me use something like Statcounter and get a room. It’s just so Sydney otherwise. Apart from that I just don’t see the need to follow people. I’ve got you all in my Google Reader, it tells me when you’ve updated. Enough already.


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  • trash

    11. I hear you. Asking people to 'join you' in return for being enetered into a giveaway sounds too demanding and whiney for me. As for having followers, I have never asked anyone to do so and feel I owe no responsibility to those who choose to.

    10. Go Chef!

    9. What would I want to see at my 20 yr school reunion? (actually I refused to go but what I would have liked had I gone..) Several sets of stocks and a really large bucket of skanky fruit and veg.

    8. Happy Birthday soon Grover.

    7. Blame the Winter rain.

    6.Woohoo! Yay for more mobile Oscar.

    5.Time AND Arnica.

    4. Bloody people, needing places to sit.

    3. Dreams are weird. Mine last night involved Thimbleanna, scissors, Sherlock Holmes and sending the children back to school.

    2. Viz #3.

    1. Oh yes. I know that feeling.

  • Jodie

    1. Buy a plastic rake and just rake it into a corner . I have done this.
    2 and 3. dreams are weird
    4.erggh, stack it on top of each other and hang it from the walls.(Call it art)
    5. She is a trooper by the sounds of it.
    6. Two weeks …bring it on !
    7.I hear sport is a good thing – but i am allergic.
    8. Three is cool !!!
    9. You crack me up.
    10. Go chef !
    Seriously those things drive me mental…If you have something to give away – give it away already !
    heres an experiment …add as many free counters to your blog as possible and watch them for a month or two and see how widely they differ…all that number stuff is made up by the random blog fairies…

  • Anonymous

    No bride slides – very exclusionary. Plenty of alcohol -it loosens lips. Definitly photos from school days. and as for the rest – what they said!(in the comments before mine!)Siobhan

  • Mrs Woog

    That Mrs Woog – always convincing people with food distractions!

    I have been offered some stuff for giveaways, but now know NOT WHAT TO DO – thanks! Hate to look like a douche-bag! Being a bloggy newbie and all.

    Go Kim's Kids – what with all the growing up and mobility and getting fat due to the weather. Blame your parents…. that is what we are all taught to do.

    And Yay for Mrs Palmer… for feeling better.

    And Yay for Kim. Who needs her head read for putting her hand up to arrange a reunion. And for being a frickin legend in general.

    Much Love
    Mrs Woog xoo

  • Suse

    Yeah, I got hitched on my wedding day.

  • Paola

    I am not a fan of reunions. Probably because I had a bunch of creepy girls (me too all girl class BLEAH!) in my class. I used to sneak to the boys class all.the.time.
    Forgive my ignorance: "getting hitched on your wedding day" doesn't it mean the same thing?

  • peskypixies

    fingers xed for job interviews.

  • rachelmp

    My 20 year reunion is in Novemeber and I think we are just getting drunk?

    I read that people want followers so they can ask for blog sponsors – I don't get either but I don't get either, but if you want to follow my blog I'll show your pic!

    Good luck Chef

  • kim at allconsuming

    Rachel – getting drunk was totally my plan but it appears people might be expecting a little more. I'm looking at various platter offerings and thinking ooo spring rolls but knowing I should order the blinis. SNORE.

  • Kill

    I would love to see the low-carb girls take the outside bits off the spring rolls!!!!!!!

    You should check with Kath – my work buddy you stole from me via facebook word twist – she just organised her school reunion (30 yrs I think) and she put together a one pager per person with info and a pic or two – only those who contributed a page got a copy of the booklet. But it meant those that couldn't make it could get invovled. But that would just ne more work for you and/or me and that is a dud!

    You would have room for more all the furniture and more if you lived in the 'bigger house in the country' – I just can't resist an opportunity to pressue you into this – it just seems like such a no-brainer to me …. why ar eyou being so stubborn!??

  • Veronica

    "It's just so Sydney otherwise"

    You've no idea how much I a) laughed at that and b)decided I need to meet the woman who uses my own words in her blog.


  • Sarah

    OK, OK….At the reunion I need 'maiden' nametags and prefereably photos of when that person was in Year 9 on the nametag too. Apart from that, considering I will be delivering #3a day out from said reunion, Kill's idea is a goodie, though TIME consuming. I can be on hand from Mid Aug – am I helping?! btw, you know I think you're a legend.

  • Lisa

    On point 9, and having just endured/(and surprisingly)enjoyed the 20 year reunion, I can highly recommend class photo/s stuck to some random wall. With names. So you can figure out who the hell THAT person is over there.

  • Suse

    Yeah I got hitched in my wedding regalia too.


  • Suse

    You know I love you, right?

  • librarygirl

    Kim, friends and I organised our 20 year reunion (1O YEARS AGO!) and instead of everyone standing around getting drunk we did a trivia comp for after dinner (private room in a pub)- it was a few school related questions but mainly things from that year – 1980- i.e. who was prime minister, which film won best picture at the Oscars, who won the grand final etc ( multiple choice questions).
    Also did a compilation tape of late 70s/early 1980 music which was fun. Also did a "what we are doing now" little newsletter with just a short para from each person, to minimise inadequacy/boasting.

  • Veronica Lee

    Hi! Stopping by from Aussie Mummy Bloggers. Great blog.

    Have a nice day!