Wayhayhay – look at this – free wifi in the middle of a hospital thoroughfare



I’m sitting on a vinyl lounge in the middle of a hospital thoroughfare in my jimmyjams!

I am, however, wearing supportive undergarments.

There’s enough blood and trauma going on around here without me taking out an eye or giving someone concussion with my unsupported mammaries.

AND LOOK! Free WIFI! which I keep typing as wife which, when you think about it, would be a pretty awesome free thing to have. I’m about 10 metres from Oscar’s ward and seeing as he’s doped out on morphine figured I could snatch a moment at 9.10pm and check my emails and let you all know WE’RE ALIVE! WE’RE ALIVE!

so here’s how the last 24 hours have progressed:

This time last night I decided I needed to clean up the bigger boys bedroom in case we do need to bring Oscar’s old bed back in as we can’t transfer him from wheelchair to his new bed due to monumental height differences. Of course, somewhere between picking up all the fucking lego* and trying to step over the corner of the trundle (which is one wheels) but just stepping on it slightly and moving with it before catching myself I set my back back to where it was last Monday.

I kid you not. The back is BACK. Totally fucked. I would tell you how many anti-inflammatories I’ve had today but I’m worried my liver would pitch a fit.

SO, this morning when I got up at 5.17am and was basically completely immobile I knew it was going to be an AWESOME day.

Oscar was totally prepared in that he wet the bed and got up, had a shower and wanted to go now, Now, NOW?

We eventually left (you should seriously see how I packed for us both – appalling. Truly appalling) and got to the hospital late. I was impressed with just how little I cared. I mean, they were hardly going to send up home.

So in we went to ambulatory care where there was as much joy de vivre as a school reunion – many staff who hadn’t seen us in 18 months and were marvelling at how big Oscar has got.

Can I say, I was BLOWN away by Oscar and how together he was. There was the occasional tear but that kid, that kid was AWESOME.

Oh, and let’s just do a shout out to play therapists – what legends they are.

After seeing the surgeon and the anaesthetist   (another goddamn legend) we waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Because Oscar was having both legs done and the tendon surgery to boot (haha geddit) his was going to be the longest procedure so guess who got to go last!


Think of not having had anything to eat from 6.30pm. Then think about being pretty anxious about major surgery. Think about being at the hospital from 7.30am but then having to wait until 1PM to go in.

My child? A TROOPER

(I’m now LYING on my stomach on the floor in said thoroughfare with Eleanor’s wheat pack on my back while I type. What can I say, I HAVE NO SHAME. That and back pain will make me do pretty much anything. And do you think an overdose of anti-inflammatories can present like being slightly tipsy? My inhibitions**? GAWN.)

SO, while I was shuffling around we knew he’d be in theatres for at least 3 if not 4 hours.

Cue the ever generous spirit of Eleanor. From the comment box!

We crashed at her place for the MOST sublime sponge cake the size of the Icelandic volcano riopagkjhrauthlsk;e (made by her mother no less) and cups of sugared tea and a floor I knew I wouldn’t catch anything off to do my back stretches. THEN she presented me with a gift (FROM HER MOTHER – cue Jewish grandmother stereotypes here) AND a stack of magazines including VANITY FAIR and HELLO! Reading AND classy trash. Delicious.

We headed back to the hospital, walked into the recovery torture chamber waiting room and about two minutes later the anaesthetist came and told us it was all done.

I’ve told you before, we’re all about the timing.

A little while later we were summoned into recovery and there was our little man. With plaster casts the weight of a small child on each leg.

I can’t believe we’re here. It’s done. It all went totally according to plan and the left foot had some other work done to it above what was expected but the surgeon said it will help in the long run, that his heels look ‘fantastic’ now and well, let’s get the recovery show on the road.

He’s pretty dopey tonight, I’ve not mentioned the pre-med which made him loopy and all the other bits but he is good, the surgery went well and I’ll be sleeping on a chair tonight.

I need to say thank you for all your support and reassurance and words of love – I can not tell you what it has done for my soul. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

* a complete aside but I love how in America you call maths math but you give lego the plural legos whereas it is the other way around in Australia. Don’t you find that curious?

** yeah I know, as if I have inhibitions.