New favourite

via Blackbird (of course)

1. Almost enough to forgive him Australia.
2. Is he really that astronomically tall?
3. Everyone knows the joke about how in the ‘industry’ he’s known as a triple threat because he can act, sing and dance but Alan Jones got it wrong and called him a triple treat, right?

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  • blackbird

    Australia is unforgivable, IMO.
    I'm guessing his co-stars are short.

  • Mary

    When I met him – oh yes I did – I think I blogged about it years ago – he is slender and tall but not that tall – bb hit it on the head !

    Have never been able to bring myself to watch Australia !

  • trash

    I'm with Mary. Nothing can induce me to watch Australia (and I write as someone who has survived several long haul plane trips).

  • Turning Japanese

    think he is a bit tall but just tall like I am. He is dancing in Japan and most of them are short. That is how tall they all make me look too!

  • peskypixies

    He is just delicious!!!!!!!

  • h&b

    Someone drank all his Iced Tea while he was dancing!!

  • Sarah

    I LOVE this, why is this not on our TV? Laugh out loud at the end…Do you know, I have friend who's coming over tomorrow night who kissed him in 'spin the bottle' when they were in Youth Group a thousand years ago! I almost know him! Where do you find these things? Glad to see you able to smile at this time too btw xxx