Shower glass sparkle-arkly. Thanks to my new best friend.

Two toilets and bathroom sinks purified and shiny.
Kitchen benches cleaned.
Multiple loads of washing done and put away. 
Dining room table cleared*.
Living area rearranged in vain attempt to stop my neck itching from the cold hard reality our living space is too narrow.  I just need our house to be about 2 metres wider. Is that too much to ask?**
Vacuumed multiple times.
Showered Oscar.
Managed to complete first two rounds of a crocheted granny square thanks to Pip’s clear instruction. I’m still working on my tension, or is the correct term gauge? 
Finished piecing blocks for a new quilt made entirely of fabrics I had in my very small (but clearly quite adequate for this quilt) stash.
Burned two batches of Anzac biscuits.
Undercooked third batch of Anzacs to make up for previous two. 

Yet to:
put breakfast bowls in dishwasher
drink the glass of water I’ve been gagging for for the last few hours
make that cup of tea
make the pizza dough for dinner. It’s now 5pm. Whoops.
take the garbage out
deal with the towels in the washing machine
return two phone calls to friends (sorry S and K!)

*solely for the purpose of spreading out a new quilt I am working on for a surprise present to a friend. 
** Um, yes. As that would firmly put our house outside the boundaries of our block.

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  • trash

    ref: pizza dough? Just use scone dough and roll it reeeeeeeaaally thin. Works everytime at my house.

  • sooz

    she's baaaaaaack! you doing craft camp remotely or what?!

  • blackbird

    I know nothing about crochet but I believe the correct word is tension.

  • Paola

    Baking (over/under/whatever, still baking)?
    And not counting your recovering son, that is.

  • Pip Lincolne

    You are totally rockin' it! Go YOU!

  • Duyvken

    Love it!
    And you never told us what K ended up naming the baby? Did they stick wtih Neve?

  • Mrs Woog

    Faaark Mate! You would be superwoman in my digs! I unpacked the dishwasher today and picked at an ingrown hair.