When the going gets tough the tough find new and life altering cleaning products

OH SURE, my husband is unemployed and my son disabled but this, my friends, THIS has changed my life.

It’s all about priorities people. PRIORITIES.

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  • h&b

    Oh yeah – I use them for EVERYTHING .. well, not as a cervical sponge, but crayon on the wall? Check. Shower scum, awesome. Boiled over the pasta again and the stovetop is a mess? Gone in seconds flat.

    NOTHING works like the Chux Magic Eraser, NOTHING.


    Bet it could erase Chef's old boss…


  • Ms Brown Mouse

    I LOVE that stuff, sure it's probably made from depleted uranium but what the hell, no more scrubbing tile scum!

  • kim at allconsuming

    I KNOW – I mean, the soap scum in our shower kills a little bit of my soul each and every day. This morning I tried one of these and it was simple and quick and OMG you can see through the shower door once more.

    It's a revelation.

  • kurrabikid

    I got sent some of these when they were launched and I have to confess they're in the cupboard unopened. I shall give them a try on your recommendation.

  • blackbird

    Did you know that I collect sponges from around the world?
    And not fancy schmancy sponges.

    But this is not a hint. I KNOW about postage.

  • Paola

    I think we are alike. When I am under a lot of stress I clean, scrub, polish. Yesterday was one of those days. And it ended with my laptop crashing AGAIN within a fortnight.
    But then I read your posts and I laugh about myself. Who cares I lost all the mail. Look at what the hell happens around the world. Paola wake up!

  • trash

    Yep, definitely all about the priorities 😉