It’s Thursday, right?

So yeah, we got home Monday afternoon, had tacos for dinner to celebrate Felix’s birthday, and then collapsed into bed.
Monday night featured Oscar waking at 2 and 5, with the latter being the start of our day. I got him toileted and dressed, some washing on, the kitchen tidied, breakfasts doled out, lunches made and cupcakes made and iced for Felix to take to school to mark his birthday.
Yes yes, I made cupcakes. From scratch. And iced them. Having been home from almost a week in hospital for less than 12 hours. What can I say. I am nothing if not predictable.
Then I had a huge fight with Chef in which I told him to fuck off and cried at basically everything.
Tuesday’s horror was only amplified by the realisation at just how hopeless our bathroom(s) is(are) for someone in a wheelchair. One day I will detail to you the process involved in getting Oscar on and off the toilet but that is a whole post on its own. Oh yes it is. I can tell you can hardly wait.
Tuesday night was even worse than Monday night with Oscar up at 2, 2.30, the little fellas up at 3.30 – one because he couldn’t find poppity the other because he’d wet the bed, and Oscar up at 5.

Seriously, having a disabled child is like having a newborn – relentless and totally exhausting. I have such a new found admiration and empathy for those with someone in their care in a wheelchair all.the.time. Chef and I were talking about what that would be like had that been our day-to-day reality with Oscar and he pointed out that if it was we wouldn’t be living in this house or if we were the house would have been substantially altered. True. But that doesn’t detract from the dependency.

Yesterday saw me lose it twice as Oscar preferred to keep playing his xbox or dsi instead of telling me he had to go to the toilet. OH MY LORDY did I tear some strips off him for those incidents. A cold dead heart? My wordy lordy yes.

I did, however, get a sleep yesterday afternoon. Small mercies.

But then last night was just as bad as the night before with me waking up every hour from 2am. Oscar thoughtful didn’t wake until 6am. All that wasted concern.


Yesterday he kept talking about going to school and then this morning, he asked to get dressed and wanted his uniform.

So dudes, he’s at school.

Sure we got there late and sure I think he’s on a totally cushy ride, but we all thought (as in us, the teachers, the therapists) it’d be an hour here and an hour there and probably from next week. Instead he’s there and after sending him only with recess Chef had to run up some lunch for him. He’s just got back and said Oscar’s as happy as Larry.


Who knows what tomorrow will bring. But we will deal with tomorrow tomorrow.

Today, his is – willingly and enthusiastically – at school.

And I don’t have to think about the toilet transfer for at least another hour and a half.

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  • sooz

    What bliss! The being at school bit – all the rest is complete crud and I know the relentless night waking is tantamount to destruction of the soul. You're doing an amazing job Kim – keep trucking. Hope school tuckers him out enough for you all to have a long solid sleep tonight xx

  • Paola

    Wow, Oscar amazes me. And with his choice to go to school come sthe chance that you could sleep a regular night sleep perhaps tonight, as Sooz already pointed out.
    The bit about telling your hubby to fuck off? I do that every day, hun, and don't have YOUR kind of problems to deal with. So, don't feel bad. I am sure he understands (right Chef???).

  • Anonymous

    He went to school? That's amazing. You got a tiny break? PRICELESS.


  • Eleanor

    God bless Paola, I have nothing to add.

    Other than a big smoochy kiss.

  • Alex

    What Paola said. And just to add you amaze me as well.

    If you could just please bottle your inner stamina and strength and sell it, I'll take 3 bottles thanks.

  • peskypixies

    He went to school???
    oh my!!!

    I hope it wore him out and you get a decent nights sleep hon.

  • blackbird

    I'm so pleased he's taken a step back toward his regular life at school. I'm sure it's exceedingly difficult but it tremendous that he's moving on.

    Do tell me the customs people didn't take the magazines from my parcel.

  • Tania

    Hallelujah for a tiny sliver of normal. Here's to stuff staying on the up. I'm guessing when Oscar asks for a drink you're serving it to him in a teaspoon???

  • trash

    See, now I am waiting for the post about the mechanics of negotiating the situation.

    Napping where possible is surely the golden tickcet. Long may it and Oscar's desire to be at school continue.