Day 3

I just had to check that. Day 3? Really? Is that all?

Today featured blue casts, wee bottles, bed pans, wheelchairs, sunshine and new vistas. In a nutshell. I tell you, the fun, it never stops.

Blue plaster
So they reinforced Oscar’s manky stinky blood-soaked casts today with a delightful blue plaster. Suddenly Oscar went from being ill to wow! Considering he looked at his legs for the first time today, seeing the blood-soaked horro, this was a good thing.

Sayonara morphine, kinda
Yep, the intravenous morphine was stopped altogether this morning and we moved into a solely oral drug regime. Along with the paracetamol, ibuprofen and the gabbapentin (the pain and anti-anxiety meds) he’s getting a morphine drug I think it’s every 8 hours. Who knows, it seems I’m shoving tablets down his gullet every other hour but there you have it.

Hello wee bottles and bed pans
Removing the morphine meant removing the catheter which I was happy about in the removing the risk of infection way but not so happy about in a how the hell are we going to toilet him vein. He’s about two thirds of the way through the 15 hour window before they’ll hook him back up to IV fluids. Dude’s gotta wee. Twice today he said he needed to do a poo and twice we endured a harrowing getting him on a bedpan palaver. I mean, who the hell can blame him, is there anything more horrific in a hospital stay than having to use bedpans? Probably, but not in my book.

Hello sunshine my old friend
Chef and Jasper came in this morning and I took the opportunity to leave.the.building. First time since visiting Eleanor’s on Tuesday afternoon. OH MY GOD, how good does sunshine and fresh air feel on your skin!?!

Let’s get movin’
Along with blue plaster we started doing some exercises before his muscles start to atrophy like George Costanza. Oh what fun that escapade was.

Shake that arse
If that wasn’t enough then we got him up and out of that god-damned bed and into his wheelchair. I mean, it was a complete cluster-fuck of a transfer (he won’t use his left hand/arm let alone bear weight on it due to the canula being there. That paw is broke I tell ya) but he got there eventually. We were mobile. I asked him where he wanted to go and he answer? ‘Everywhere.’

He came with me to collect his dinner and choose what he wanted and then ate more than he had eaten in total in the last 24 hours.

Of course then it all went slightly pear-shaped as it was staff hand-over, the ward got ridiculously busy and I was told in a corridor, ‘has someone told you you’re moving wards tonight?’ Um no, no they hadn’t.

I was pretty pissed about it to be frank, I mean, GOD we’d only just got him into a wheelchair and even that was as much dumb luck as good execution and we were being shipped out. Oscar of course got mighty anxious and I was trying to pack the detritus of our life that littered our little cubicle into not enough bags and all the rest.

Through all of this I’m thinking, Oscar’s been stuck in that wheelchair for a long time now, we need to get him out. And he’s saying his bum hurt and also almost falling asleep in the chair he’s so knackered. I was getting ready to get a little terse.

Anyway, we moved up into the adolescent ward and MAN I feel like I’m in a hotel. Well, not really but you get my drift. It’s so much quieter (the neuro/ortho ward we were in is an acute care ward so therefore crazy busy, lots of turn-over of beds and just a tad manic) and – it’s carpeted. Noice. There’s a boy in the room with Oscar who has cystic fibrosis but some weird mutated form of it they only discovered last year (he’s almost 11) and he is a cracker of a kid, overjoyed at going home tomorrow on Day 10 of a stay rather than the projected 14. He was on the phone to his dad tonight pleading his case to be allowed to play a whole game of footy tomorrow not just a half.

So, we’re basically here until Oscar gets transfers down pat. The wee and poo thing has to happen and the canula can come out and we’re looking at a weekend of many visitors and my endless badgering to transfer transfer transfer.

In other news:

  • Felix made it  through the NAPLAN tests in one piece. 
  • Felix made it into the PSSA soccer team – after much fierce competition for the limited places.
  • Felix lost a tooth at school yesterday. 
  • Felix is 10 on Monday
  • Felix is seriously having a cracker of a year
  • Jasper spent three days at kindy making and painting a lighthouse for Oscar. 
  • My mum is exhausted beyond question
  • Chef is tired and emotional 
  • My BIL hung out with the boys on his own for the first time ever yesterday and everyone survived! They even had fun!
  • My back is LOVING the hard fold-out beds in the hospital and is greatly improved. 


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  • Reemski

    You are one impressive woman. Seriously.

  • dancingmorganmouse

    Sounds like you are all surviving, well done, you're strength through this astounds, it really does.

  • sooz

    Action stations! Wow carpet? Sheesh, not even my house has carpet. I must say the blue sounds better than red when it comes to leg accessories for the lad about town. And I can only agree about bed pans- surely we can get past the 19th century for such a universal humiation! You're doing an awesome job lady, hats off.

  • jac

    Well done Oscar! And I am amazed your back feels BETTER on the hospital beds. Also amazed this isn't just a big blur… or IS IT?!

  • Stomper Girl

    Far out Kim. Sounds like between you, your support team and the hospital, Oscar is being taken care of wonderfully well.

  • Paola

    Yes, the sun and air on your skin when you're out of a hospital: priceless.
    Good to hear about the baby steps toward a better tomorrow. I think Oscar is behaving so great in this crisis.

  • Badger

    DUDE. Can I buy you a drink?

  • peskypixies

    sounds like its all going swimmingly.

    onwards and upwards!!!!


  • Anonymous

    I'm delighted to hear all this positive stuff going on at day three. Congratulations to Felix!!!


  • Jodie

    Day three…all that in 3 days… unbelievable.

  • My husband said that it’s beyond impossible to poop in a bedpan because you’re laying down. How do you poop laying down? They had to give him cup after cup of prune juice, followed eventually. By poop inducing suppositories. Poor guy had to lay on his back in hospital all doped up on self administered morphine.but that’s what happens when you shatter a vertebrae in your neck.