And now, for somethings totally left of field

Jane sent me that – how awesome is he! I am presuming the 97 refers to the year he was born? Which means he’s 13? Absolutely outrageous.
And how horrified do you think that teacher would be that her beam is caught in the line of video vision.
And remember when I posted this the other day? Dancing Morgan Mouse totally came up trumps with a link to this, showing that Craig is both prolific and hilarious. At least, I’m hoping hilarious. Otherwise has someone alerted the relevant authorities?
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  • Bianca

    Yikes, that is a little unfortunate for the teacher! But that was amazing.

  • barbra

    Wow, that was amazing! It was weird to see the kids' faces in the background. A couple seemed supportive, the others seemed… bored? How can that be?

  • Paola

    I saw this yesterday and was, like: WOW.