So we go to hospital tomorrow for Oscar’s operation. For his left calcaneal osteotomy splatt fractional lenthening tib post and right calcaneal osteotomy.

Got that? Pay attention, there’ll be a quizz later.

Here’s the first in a four part video of the calcaneal osteotomy procedure. I got 18 seconds in before coming over all hot, feeling dizzy and fighting the urge to hurl. Who can get further than that?

I am feeling remarkably in control and calm about it all. Yesterday I had this moment where butterflies just arrived in my tummy and I just did some new-age cognitive therapy shit of acknowledging the feeling, recognising it was completely normal for me to have apprehension and fear and concern and stress over such a major operation happening to my child, let it wash over me and then it was gone.

I know. Next I’ll be regaling you all with my latest crystals and just how tasty soy-based products can be.

Anyway, I’ve had the dream where it all goes horribly wrong during the operation and he dies. Yeah, that was an awesome night’s sleep.

The house resembles a rehab hospital with ramps (made by Chef and my FIL no less), commode chair (already affectionately known as the ‘long drop’), bath seats, hand-held shower heads, slide boards and DEAR GOD this house was cluttered enough ALREADY.

We’ve bid Chef’s parents adieu as they head overseas for the next seven weeks. In this family we are all about the concept of ‘perfect’ timing.

I keep having these waves of nausea which I’m putting down to nerves as not only do Chef’s boys no longer swim apparently you have to have sex to fall pregnant. Four kids down and who knew!

Blogging will be thin on the ground this week as I de-camp to Sydney Children’s Hospital with the mighty Ogga. No idea how long we will be there – they said a minimum of three days so won’t that be a blast. Like a sleepover but as adults. With total strangers. And machines that go ‘ping!’. Last time I did this Oscar was a newborn and I lived in the hospital for five weeks and got tinea from the communal shower and the giardia virus from one of the other live-in parents.

So you know, that bar? set preeetty darn high.



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  • ginevra / occasional glimpses

    Hope everything goes faaaaaaaaaaaar better than expected.

  • Kirsti

    Will be thinking of you. A lot.

  • Mrs Woog

    Did the giardia make you lose weight? Looking on the brightside here.

    Scarey times for you I am sure but I know all will be alright – think of all that yummy hospital food!

    Thinking of you

  • kim at allconsuming

    Thanks guys.

    And get this Mrs W – nope. Not a nada. Was as fat as a fool before and after the squirts. My body, it loves its folds.

    Oscar is SO excited that his food will be coming ON A TRAY! and coming OFF A TROLLEY! Poor kid – hopefully the morphine will dampen the realisation of just how crap it all is.

    Get this – there is a very kicky little cafe downstairs at SCH which serves really.good. (I KNOW) sandwiches and salads. OUTRAGEOUS!

  • Bianca

    Will be thinking of you Kim. How's Miami Vice? At least you won't have to look at his open shirt while you're at the hospital?

  • kim at allconsuming

    Saw him today – he did this deep tissue massage on my back that was both so incredibly painful and so blissfully divine I forgive him all his fashion travesties. As if I'm one to talk going in there in my trackies w/ hairy legs and greasy hair.

    Anyway he's got me doing exercises on a ball. God help us all. The man is destined for disappointment.

  • Anonymous

    I'll be thinking of you, too. A lot. And your dear boy. Also a lot. Well, all of you. A lot.


    ps-It's you that's got him excited about the tray now, isn't it?

  • Matthew Gain

    Good luck to you and Ogga!

  • sooz

    Make sure Chef collects the mail tomorrow and delivers asap! I don't want you wasting a moment of your luxurious craft in!

    And can I say I had a delicious tofu lunch? I know you think I'm joking, and I can barely believe I can use tofu and delicious in a sentence without adding NOT but I've had it two weeks in a a row and I could hop over and do it all again RIGHT NOW. Agedashi tofu from Ito – it's turned me, so never say never.

    Right, off to get the two kids, both on antibiotics now with raging tonsils and all manner of excretions. I'll be thinking of you as I try to appease the unappeasable. And you know, if I didn't have to cook or wash up for 3 days I reckon I could be OK with food off a trolley too.


  • peskypixies

    sending TONS of good thoughts your way.

    hoping it all goes well.


  • kurrabikid

    Hope it all goes very, very well.

  • Mary

    massive hugs , lots of kisses and all my love and best most positive thoughts are being sent your way..

  • Uli

    Good luck! I hope everything goes well and there's not too much pain involved for either of you.

  • jac

    GOOD LUCK to both you and Oscar. Hell, I'd be excited about food on a tray too. There will be JELLY. I mean, the jelly I got I couldn't identify the flavour (pineapple? orange? pineapple? orange?) but that is all part of the fun of The Tray.

  • Janet

    Good Luck and fingers and toes crossed that everything goes as well as it possibly can for Oscar! And that you don't catch anything in the showers!

    Thinking of you guys and sending you know, good vibes.

  • blackbird

    I will NOT even click on that video!
    Off to the post office for me…my Youngest adores hospital food (which always makes me weep).
    Oscar will be okay – you will be a wreck but strong. (Listen to me.)
    In the meantime, I'm sending prayers.
    Prayers and parcels.

    xo my friend…when trays you see, think of me.

  • Badger

    Oh dude. You know I am thinking of you and Oscar. He'll be a champ, I just know it. And you? Well, you'll be okay, too.

  • Stomper Girl

    Best wishes for it all Kim and Oscar. (Take your thongs for the shower.)

  • Anonymous

    Bb beat me. I was going to say the same thign about trays. I can't have you mention a tray without thinking you have an urge to kill her with it.
    So no hugs for you but will you allow me to hug Ogga?
    Heck, I wanna hug you OK???
    I wish you strength, peace and love.

  • Elizabeth

    Good luck to you all. Sending quick recovery and / or zen thoughts your way.

  • Tania

    Cripes. So I've come visiting (nice to meet you) and the timing is a little off. Sort of similar to that of the inlaws, only not. No doubt Oscar will cruise through the whole ordeal while you do train wreck on the inside and calm and strong and wonderful on the outside. Here's to coming through the other side and home to non-hospitalised food….