All three women laugh uproariously

From I’m your Canadian boyfriend:


Woman: “Did you know there’s a word for the killing of a woman? It’s ‘femicide’.”
Second Woman: “What’s the word for the killing of a man?”
Third Woman: “‘Justified’.”
[All three women laugh uproariously.]

Happy mother’s day yo.

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  • Christina

    Happy mothers day you amazing woman 🙂 I am enjoying my first mothers day today – what a novel experience!
    I have been lurking on your blog for a while now (sorry!) and I think you are awesome xxx

  • Fe

    Oh yes!!

    Just brilliant!

    Happy Mum's day to you, Kim.


  • Paola

    Happy Morther's Day to you, four times over!
    I would send a hug but I'll refrain.

  • blackbird

    How's the back?

    And the front?

  • seed

    I am still laughing.

    Word Verification

    "progral" sounds like what is going on with my tummy at the moment.