It’s a girl!

My best friend had a baby girl at 2pm today. 9 pounds. All good.

Name still to be decided. They had settled on Neve but Henry has rejected that outright. As K said, he’ll probably put the kybosh on any name and simply call her ‘hey you’.

Just spoke to her – she’s doing really well and baby has little rosebud lips – just like her sister and mum!


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  • Janet

    Oh yay! Congratulations to your friend and her family!

    We called Grace "little thing" for a while until I felt recovered enough to commit to a name.

  • blackbird

    These things excite me too. A new baby!

  • Mary

    News of a baby is always just so…


    congratulations to K and her family

  • Paola

    A baby girl! The joy that a newborn brings is so pure, makes us all feel good and happy and the world seems fine. We should always have a newborn handy!

  • librarygirl

    really nice name choice by the way.
    Hope they keep it!

  • librarygirl

    ofh and I like that it's Neve not Niamh

  • Kill

    Sorry to disappoint you Library girl but it is Niamh – goes with our Irish surname, and I like the authenticity of it. I know – a wholelifetime of spelling and explaining it – let's call it character building. Big bro gave up protesting after about 5 hours. (He lobbied for Tiffany or Matilda for quite a while). He has now settled on calling her NJ (as her middle name is Julienne and it is quite close to MJ from Spiderman, which makes it an acceptable alternative).