Things to do when immobilised but needing to entertain children

God bless lego, God bless You Tube, God bless Lego Geeks

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  • Mrs Woog

    Have you tried a Naprowine? I think it works for anything. Except acne. That shit is persistant. Love the mid (to late)thirties pizza face xoxo

  • kim at allconsuming

    I must say I haven't tried the naprowine – but my industrial strength anti-inflammatories I had stashed away from my gall bladder op (can't believe I forgot about them last night) and the creepy physio one of my B from SadieandLance sent me too (think Miami Vice hairstyle, open shirt in bright colour) are working a treat.

  • kim at allconsuming

    and yes, the acne outbreaks in my late 30s are really making me feel young at heart. Between my athritic toes, expanding waistline, buggered back and acne my body is clearly in a state of conflict. Deep deep conflict.

  • Anonymous

    Go to Dr. Bird. He is right on the other side of the lagoon from you.