Sunday outings

So today we bundled the brood into the brick with wheels and headed north to Australian Walkabout Wildlife Park thanks the the remarkable charity, Brainwave.

An awesome FREE day for the family and a staggering success until sometime around 2pm when I picked Grover up and did my back. I kind of shuffled around for the remaining hour and a half but by the time we were heading home I had to lie across the back row of seats as being upright was impossible.

Now I’m dosed up on useless non-codeine imbibed ibuprofen with an ice-pack jammed into my lower back (it’s my lower back that has completely seized, making my entire thigh area completely numb and tingly and me basically incapable of walking. Awesome.) trying not the think about the fact that in 8 days Oscar is having surgery that is going to require me to lift him. A lot.

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  • Mrs Woog

    non-codeine?? BORING. As always you will lift and be a worrior-mum…….. but in the meantime get yourself something a little stronger.

    Much Love

    Mrs Woog xoxo

  • jac

    Looks awesome! I like the face painting – very minimalist.

  • Trash

    i was going to ask if you knew whether someone had daubed your saons' faces with Vegemite but i see by the last picture that the wee tacker had already performed clear up duty. Still, saves on making dinner 😉

  • Anonymous

    My current phrase here is: NEVER a dull moment chez Kim. But I've learnt from this blog that you are a STRONG woman. No doubt you'll be ready, armed and prepared for Oscar.
    Paola without laptop, AGAIN

  • Badger

    OH DUDE.

  • Mary

    My word your boys are stunningly good looking.

    re back – this works for me darling!

    Every four hours one each of panadeine and voltaren rapid – one assists with the pain, one as an anti inflam.

    It has saved me (since it was recommended to me ) from the usual doubled up stoop I go into with back pain on many an occasion

  • blackbird


    Somehow, I know you will persevere.
    But I do hope it stops hurting soon.
    And what a lovely day!
    (See how I'm trying to make it better?)


  • peskypixies

    get thee some decent painkillers…

    great pics!

  • peskypixies

    get thee some decent painkillers…

    great pics!

  • Linda

    The boys expressions of wonder and tenderness – magic.

    What Mary said about combining pain meds and anti-inflams. Works a treat.

    After 24 hours of "ice" consider switching to "heat and massage". Use a hot water bottle in a damp towel or a damp hot towel – then have the boys massage the area (any moisturiser or oil will do).
    It helps to relax the muscles in the area and children are the BEST at giving massages. Best let Chef supervise how much oil they apply.

    Also milk it for all it is worth – darkened room, candles, soft music.

    Hopefully you will become as relaxed as the Koala in the 2nd last photo.

  • librarygirl

    hope your back is better? those four boys of yours are gorgeous!