Hi there!

I must apologise for leaving my Ode to Pity post up there for so long. So some dot points for your amusement:

  • I am fairly sure the entire crew on So You Think You Can Dance, choreographers included, jumped in the Hot Tub Time Machine because holy crap dudes, there’s mohawks, more green eyeshadow than Xanadu and outfits I would have been gagging for in 1986.
  • We’re almost through the Easter school holidays and I’m quite certain we’ve entered Bizarro World. My children have been playing. Together. As in games and make-believe worlds and HOLY SHIT what the HELL? People, I have clocked that the Easter 2010 school holidays were a turning point in the household dynamic. Oh sure they all still try to kill each other or kill me with whinging but the joy that comes from seeing my four boys on the back verandah creating a castle or down the back yard pretending they’re on a rocket and then out in space (complete with a hospital, driver, shooter and lookout) make my chest swell with love and pride it may burst.
  • My mum is well and truly on the mend. I know this as she’s back sweeping my floor, badgering me about putting on another load of washing and today was sweeping leaves up out the front, which was very handy as I had not even clocked there being a leaves issue. Phew. House saved from sure destruction once again. But seriously, this has been a huge weight off my mind. Still no news on what is the story with the lump/cyst/lesion except her surgeon thinks they may be able to just remove it, as opposed to another entire hip replacement.
  • I have finally voiced some of my concerns to Chef about some stuff – again, another huge reduction in my stress levels.
  • We have a date for Oscar’s surgery. Have I told you this yet? Tuesday, 11 May. Bring it.
  • I have been quilting with a vengeance. Jasper’s quilt is nearly done (doing some last bits of quilting then the binding and tying off loose ends) and my secret project almost done. Man it feels good to see these projects unfold. Such satisfaction.
  • I took the boys to see How to Train Your Dragon last week – what a delicious movie.
  • I’ve been baking bread too. So therapeutic.