So here is my intrepid fearless (not) Felix, and his first foray into sewing. He made a Plurbit from that awesome book Softies.

Don’t you love how he made them pants? Almost as much as if you pull the pants down on the first Plurbit, Mr Smuggle, up there on your right, you’ll find a doodle and bottom. Oh yes you will.

The wedding quilt. So very proud of this one:

A throw quilt, 65″x62″, for their lounge room, in E’s favourite colours. 
There were some adjustments due to me stuffing up my seam allowances on those smaller four patch squares.
but MAN, am I proud of how it came together. Gorgeous ruby reds, stunning cornflower blues, punctuated with black
The colours came from a rug they have on their living room floor which they picked up on one of their intrepid travels through the one of the ‘stans.
The back is black linen with a row of the fabrics used on the front – such was my love of them all I wanted to showcase them twice.
I also relearnt how to do binding but did not finish it by hand. It was a time and sanity issue. 

None of these photos do it justice – done in poor light with the crappy camera. I hope you ‘get’ it though!


Today was a day sans children. I got some blocks done for Grover’s quilt but nowhere near as many as I’d hoped. I wasted my precious time today and I’m crabby for it tonight. Harrumph.

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  • Duyvken

    Great pattern Kim! Love it. Congrats to Felix, his softie is gorgeous.

  • Badger

    I am not much of a quilt person, but that one is fantastic. Well done, you!

    And an anatomically correct Plurbit? Whatever a Plurbit is? That kid of yours SLAYS ME.

  • BabelBabe

    quilt is GORGEOUS. what a wonderful gift.
    LOVE the softies AND their anatomical correctness.

    and nice to know H and I are not the only parents sometimes unable to expend the energy to get wee ones in bed (prev. post).

  • Paola

    Kim that quilt is amazeballs (I think this is a new slang cool word but in case I got it wrong I really REALLY LOVE that quilt!).
    And the fact that your son (not daughter) is sewing is leaving me wordless.
    Pics are great.

  • blackbird

    1. Brilliant softies.

    2. I like anything "punctuated with black."

  • kurrabikid

    Kim – how good are Felix's toys?? He's done you proud. And that quilt – gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    I bet Felix will remember the guys he made for a very long time to come. So well done!

    I think your wedding quilt is stellar, too.


  • kim at allconsuming

    OH thanks guys – yes, Felix's toys rock da house. And I'm mightily chuffed with the quilt. Mightily.

  • Uli

    Love that quilt, colours, pattern and execution!