Long weekends

So this weekend we have a long weekend due to Anzac Day. I should write something heartfelt and earnest but I’m not in the right headspace and it will come across more Hallmark card than moving sentiment. Needless to say I was moved to tears several times throughout the day on various stories of heroism and tragedy. Why is it we never ever seem to learn?


Yesterday E and M came over – remember, the friends who got married in February? The wedding I spent all last year losing 15 kilos for? If the definition of ‘losing 15 kilos’ is actually gaining five more. Oy. Anyway, yesterday was the first time we had caught up in person since their nuptials and signified the handing over of their present – a quilt I had made for them. They adore it and I am much pleased.

This get together was another tick for me against one of my goals this year – to pick up the phone more to talk with friends AND to see friends more often.

After a (very) late lunch of a leek and goats cheese tart with salad and crusty bread. Oh, and wine.

Can I just reiterate to those of you out there feeling the pressure of domesticity and perhaps even feeling a tad alone or isolated – have people over. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT CLEANING, just have some friends over. If cooking is not your thing crack open a packet of biscuits or a block of chocolate. Open some wine or boil the kettle. Just reconnect with friends. It makes everything better. I promise.


Yesterday I also finished (FINALLY) Jasper’s quilt – well, there are threads that need to be tended to but DEAR GOD I had the front finished in November last year so I just had to get it onto his bed. He is in love with his vomitous riot of pinks and purples. Photos to come.


The reason there are no photos is that Chef did something for me the other day. Not financially sensible but much appreciated. I have a new laptop thanks to Harvey Norman and one of its no interest and no payments for a while. It has Windows 7 and well, I can NOT for the life of me work out how to make low res files of my photos. I’ve tried loading normal high res files but Blogger has some sort of brain fart over that idea.


Did I tell you that I went to the movies on my own last week and saw Date Night? Loved it. But then again Steve Carrell and Tina Fey could sit and read take-away menus and I’d find it hilarious.


I’m a little drunk. Can you tell?


I have an apple rhubarb pie in the oven and MY GOODNESS does it smell good.


Earlier in the evening there was an ad on TV about the dangers to your health from smoking. The one with the song ‘Everybody Knows’ and all the gruesome pictures of the cancers, tumours and other hideous things that will happen to you if you’re partial to a drag on a cancer stick.

Felix asked about the brain they slice open to show the blood clot that caused a stroke as to where they would procure such an item. We talked about coroners and their role in investigating how people died if it isn’t immediately obvious. His reply, ‘well, you wouldn’t want to have a small doodle if you had to have that done’.


The boys need to go to bed but neither Chef nor I have the impetus to deal with.


Grover is currently entertaining Chef and I with these soft balls, about the size of a ping-pong ball – that go in some gun they got at the Easter Show, that he is putting in his mouth and spitting out, complete with ‘pop’-ing sound on it’s release. HILARIOUS!


I’m a little drunk, NOW can you tell.

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  • dancingmorganmouse

    Re the low res photo thing, have you tried just using the snipper tool (it just came with my laptop) looks like a little pair of scissors – works for me & blogging.

  • Liesl

    Mmmmmm – pie. I'll be right over!

    If you open your pics in Microsoft Paint (the very small graphics program native to Windows) there's a resize option on the toolbar which will create lower res pictures. You just need to make sure you click "Maintain Aspect Ratio". Or Microsoft Office Picture Manager – if you have it – is even better.

  • Jodie

    I do not cook at all – well obviously I cook but not something I would offer guests…I never never have people over..I used to just invite people for box pizza and order in…why did I stop that ?
    So now your drunk I can tell you that "I love you maaaate"

  • Little Miss Moi

    Obhhh great post! I'd join you in writing a pissed post but I'm on antibiotics so am stone cold sober! How boring for a long weekend!

  • Mrs Woog

    am a little pissed myself and now want to eat your pie.xo

  • Paola

    I was going to suggest amicrosoft Picture Manager as well, works great.
    You're not drunk, you're happy. Happy is GOOD.
    Na night.

  • Mary

    Laughed and laughed (in sympathy) with the losing weight of 15 kilos meant gaining 5 more.

    So me!