a post which basically reveals I am so very clearly about to get my period

Yesterday a very dear friend who I met through this crazy thing called the internet sent me a care package*. A parcel loaded up with exquisite, EXQUISITE fabrics and a book packed full of things kids (and grown-ups) can make. While i sat there tearing up over fabric (with Chef and Felix looking at me, looking at each other, confirming through eye contact that clearly it was a ‘girl-thing’) saying, ‘do you know what this is??? and THIS???? AND THIS!!!??? AND ZOMG look at this! AND FEEL THIS!  Felix got his paws on the book and was all – “OH MAN, can I make this??? OR WHAT ABOUT THIS???”. Then he said, ‘actually, I really want to make an animal, or creature or something’. So then started perusing Softies and chose a character to make.

People, in less than a handful of hours that child of mine, the one who has never used a machine, had made a character he’s name Mr Smuggle.

He took him to school. Two kids have asked him to make one for them. You should have seen the look on his face after school when he told me that ‘everyone loved him!’.

Anyway, this afternoon is the day that Oscar has swimming after school so Felix was actually walking home because COULD ANYTHING BE MORE BORING than watching your brother have a swimming lesson with lots of other mongy kids?

On the way to swimming Chef rings me and tells me that his brother has offered to come over and help-out after Oscar’s operation. This may seem to an outsider a fairly innocuous statement. But this, this made me cry. Not a quiet tear but sobs of gratitude.

It came after K’s care package, a phone call and the package from Sooz, a phone call earlier in the day with the disability services coordinator from our local council who not only gave me names and numbers of organisations that may be able to come in and help us post-op but a whole range of other services and opportunities for Oscar once he is on the mend. Furthermore, as Oscar’s op is now smack bang in the 6 weeks my in-laws are away, I have watched my MIL tear-up at not being here for us during that time and have learnt she is.not.sleeping. thinking of ways she can help even though she will be absent.


So I’m crying like a lunatic on the Wakehurst Parkway with Oscar and Jasper (Grover was at my in-laws for the day, another show of love giving me the first day without any children in about a month**) deeply concerned for my welfare.



I get home and Felix has knocked up ANOTHER MOTHERFUCKING SOFTIE. That’s right. He hasn’t sat on his arse playing computer games or watching TV or playing his DS, he’s SEWED. AND, he’s sewed a softie FOR ME. He’s even sewn my first initial into the back of it.



After I’ve been home for a while and dinner is underway and Mum comes downstairs he says he got the results for his gold assignment. YOU KNOW, that assignment that made me worry about the academic future of my child. The one that made me really angst about how engaged (or more aptly, NOT engaged) he was in his learning. The one that made me extract effort from him that does actually prove you can get blood from a stone and by GOD you leave a dead horse with me and I WILL MAKE IT DRINK.

55 out of 55.



The ONLY one to score full marks.

OH DUDES, today? Today was a good day***.

*This is the second care package I’ve received this year, the first being a 28cm green french oven from K, the friend about to have her third child and who we are going to name. OH YES WE ARE.

** I went to the movies. On my own. I saw Date Night. I loved it – Tina Fey is awesome. I kinda find Steve Carrell cute too.

*** Considering the level of emotion I’m feeling tomorrow will undoubtedly see me start to bleed so let’s just take today for what it is, A FUCKING GOOD DAY****.

**** The day has of course ended with me doing the blood-curdling screaming that only a mother can do. I was driven to it by Jasper and his absolutely abhorrent behaviour of late. Behaviour I attribute to him being number three, incredibly stubborn and did I mention stubborn?

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  • Bianca

    Woo Hoo lady! That is indeed undeniably a farking great day!

    Whoops, first time I've commented here and I swore!

  • •´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´•

    well done …It's days like these that make all the craziness worth it ; moments that are so wonderful that they take your breath away or rather have you screaming at the top of blog !

  • peskypixies

    wooo bloody hoo!!!!!!
    what a FABULOUS day!!!!

    you soooo deserved it!!!

  • Anna Bartlett

    what an amazing day.
    well well well done.
    my kids love that softies book as well. i'm going to try just leaving them with it – obviously i've just been getting too involved.
    good luck with everything. including tomorrow's period.

  • Mrs Woog

    A personalised softie? And an upcoming period???? Tell me your secret!

    H told me he hated me and I got a parking fine.


  • Mary

    The best the best the best – a day you truly deserved!

  • Trash

    I'm with Mrs Woog – you win. I only managed to tell my 11 yr old I did not care what her opinion was and I wasn't going to explain my reasons and she should go and change her socks!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, yes. I made my daughter sob over a pair of blurry socks.

  • Paola

    Damn girl. Life can't just SUCK.
    Rock this DAY!!! Breathe it in, enjoy it and be proud of what you got. I am SO happy for you.

  • blackbird


    Am a little tight in the throat just reading it all.

    Miracles are all around us.


  • Bec

    There still isn't a baby girl name for Henry and Jemima's little sister?

    Mignonette. Sarah Jane. Amelie.

    I love a challenge.

    Charlotte goes rather perfectly with those two names, too. She has to practise standing at the back door and calling them out in birth order: Henry! Jemima! Charlotte!

    See? works.

  • kim at allconsuming

    OH MAN – you guys are fairly going to make me cry all.over.again.

    Bec – you should SEE the number of emails I'm sending to Kill on almost an hourly basis with further suggestions. She's going to regret ever asking me/us I tell you.

    But isn't Mignonette a lettuce?

    And Charlotte totally goes with Henry and Jemima, TOTALLY.

    I also love Eliza and Eloise.

  • BabelBabe

    um, dude, i need photos of said softies.

    also, I vote for Charlotte. Lots of cute nicknames, too. Charlie, Lottie, Char…oh God, why didn't I have ONE girl??

  • BabelBabe

    also? JUST got mine. we are twins separated at birth. why do we not live on the same continent????

  • barbra

    LOVE your great day!
    please post pictures of Felix's creations! can't wait to see!

  • sooz

    I'm with Babel babe – not about the period thing, but about the NEED for photos!!! You gotta teach Felix how to take and upload photos for fucks sake! Clearly he's all over everything else!!

  • Eleanor

    I really really love this post. Sitting here and smiling xxxx

  • Danielle

    you bring tears to my eyes yet again !

  • Anonymous

    I'm all verklempt.


  • Veronica

    Some days are just awesome, and don't they make the bad days almost worth it?

    Also, the internet is amazing and care packages, well, they're the best.

    Hi, over from AMB 🙂

  • Frogdancer


  • gg