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From Eleanor, the best procrastination tool ever.

I want a Roller Derby name and I want a piece of the action.

Wouldn’t it be remarkable, spectacular and INSPIRED to take the boys out of school for a few weeks either side of the September holidays to go and do this? (It could also be really really dumb because I’m not even sure that’s the right time of year to do it.)

Not only does this blog have an awesome name, I really want to make this and this. Certainly not low fat (and now I’m wondering how you could make it so – and yes yes I know, cut out the fat, cut out the flavour) but man, how good does it look. In fact, there’s so much of hers I want to make it is bordering on creepy stalker behaviour.

All of you must stop reading and make these. They are sensational and get better the more you make (you get the knack for how to roll them out, to get the right layering effect, they’re good regardless but out of this world when you do nail it).

I am spending a ludicrous amount of time on sites like this, this and this. Which is really pretty stupid because it tends to make me depressed and resentful rather than inspired and motivated. But they’re just lovely all the same aren’t they!

And you know, Jessica Simpson gets such a bad wrap and then I see something like this where she just looks so normal and beautiful – in that classic sense of beauty – in the age before fake tans and boobs and air-brushing to an inch of their lives. And what an awesome idea – to take inspiration from that to create these inspiration boards. Delightful.

I have adored the Go Fug Yourself girls for years now but every now and then they absolutely outdo themselves. For example, their summation on Andie McDowell wearing pantaloons with a view, slacks with cracks, pantalunacy was pure gold. And this, on Carine Roitfield? Genius.

And for reasons completely unknown, I cried like a baby in the movie but this defaced poster makes me laugh out loud. Go figure.

(From here)


Today we caught up with some friends we’ve had since university. Don’t you love those friends who come over and even though you haven’t seen or spoken to each other for FOREVER you just pick up where you left off and fill in the gaps? I made corn fritters which we had with bacon, sour cream, sweet chilli sauce and coriander. There were multiple cups of tea and a few of champagne. They came for brunch and left at 4pm. I didn’t clean the bathroom, mum did sweep the floor and we did clean up the back verandah where we sat for brunch but that was more because of the possum piss on the table than any need to impress. It was a hugely restorative day. Delicious in fact.


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  • dancingmorganmouse

    I refused to see the movie, mostly because the book made me cry and cry. But, like you, at poster defacement just made me laugh (& frighten the cat in my lap, ouch).

  • Crepes of Wrath

    Thank you so much for the recommendation! I very much appreciate it! I hope you continue to stop by the blog! To make the recipes low-fat, you could just not fry the meat and simply cook them in the pan with just a few teaspoon of oil so it doesn't stick.

  • sooz

    Can you believe I still haven't made the spring onion pancakes? I'm not sure what's wrong with me…

  • BabelBabe

    spring onion pancakes as soon as i can get to the grocery store for the spring onions.

    and does the dog really die?

  • Muzbot

    I never got the Marley and Me thing. I was sooooooo bored in that movie – and I'm one of the biggest sloppiest dog fans out there.

    Actually, I do know why I was bored, two words: Jennifer Anderson.