A survey of sorts, or a fielding of ideas, or what???

OK, so my best friend is expecting her third child in three weeks. She and her husband are at a total impasse when it comes to naming the newest member of their family. Their current charges are Henry and Jemima.

So – with the proviso that they are totally not into the Top 10 name game, what have you got? Girls and boys names please.

The more the merrier.

I’ll get it started.

Scout, Piper, Henrietta (totally out as their son is Henry), Harriet, Matilda, Willow

Oliver (a bit too popular these days perhaps), Sage (too herbal I suspect, very Northern Beaches), Harry, George (Chef and I had a stand off about calling Grover George, so his name is Grover George),

Chef’s grandparents on his Dad’s side were Aubrey and Audrey (true!) and I love both those names. His Grandpa was called Aub and I just think it is a way cool guy’s name.

Hop to it.

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  • Katrina Chambers

    You would have to be the master at this for sure! Well of course I love Cruise, Tax, Chevy. Then I like Harley, Rocky, Levi, Leo…

    Girls – Coco, Faith, Saxby…

    I could think of more I am sure 🙂

    Good luck helping your friend!

  • Katrina Chambers

    And that was meant to say Tex! Not Tax…lol

  • Duyvken

    I do love discussing baby names!
    Avoiding the whole top 10 thing just adds an extra layer of difficulty and then often disappointment when you discover that several other people also used the name you chose. Henry certainly shot up in popularity in the past 6 years didn't it?! And Jemima I adore (we have a Jem) and I have also always like Henriette to be shortened to Henri so we're on the same page.
    My current fave names are: Silke, Skylar and Myhrr for a girl and Myles, Peter, Drew and Raif for a boy.

  • kim at allconsuming

    I love Coco for a girl too or Duyvken – I love Willa (K – D's fourth is called Juliet Willa – J Willa for short)

    There's a boy at Jasper's kindy called Rocky and well, it's just kinda weird. I keep wanting to sing the theme song. of course none of them know anything about Rocky so he's just Rocky.

    Somehow I know K's husband is just never ever going to be sold on calling their kid Rocky.

    D – I'm concerned about the number of names in there with gratuitous use of the letter y. I like Milo for a boy – and Peter? Really. You really are quite the enigma!!

  • dancingmorganmouse

    Mucus is my favourite name for a girl 🙂

  • Muzbot

    I like –
    Boys: Duncan and Josh
    Girls: Madison and Charlie

  • Eleanor

    I'm not up to date with the current top 10 list so please forgive me if I pick one from it.

    Lily/Lilly, Kate, Rachel, Leah, Mia, Maya, Rose/Rosie, Caroline. But Sarah is my favourite.

    Joseph/Joe, Adam, Alan, Julian. But Jonathan is my favourite.

    Conservative with a heavy Biblical leaning – I bet you could tell this was my commentbox even if my name wasn't on it.

    So happy for your friends!!

  • kim at allconsuming

    Mouse – so not helpful 😉

    Muz – I love the names Duncan and Josh. Josh too popular at the moment though. Love Charlie for a girls name too.

    Eleanor – funny you know, Jonathon is one of my favourite names but couldn't do it as it's my brother's name.

    Also love Julian but Chef thought it was too feminine or some such.

  • Kill

    Nice work Blogosphere – keep 'em coming! You may save us yet.
    And a boy called Sage where we live – yes Kim, back in your beachy box, you make me laugh!!

  • Kill

    My brother has a dog called Coco, so that may rule that one out. And I had Tilly the dog for 14 years – so Matilda is out too, although a long term favourite, and a cat called Milo. In fact there have been altogether too many pets over the years, using up all the good names!

  • kim at allconsuming

    What about Sebastian or Theodore, they were always on our shortlist.

  • kim at allconsuming

    And well, you did ask for help from someone who has given all her children names people normally reserve for their pets.

  • kurrabikid

    Well, I had a hard enough time choosing names for my two but here goes: Edie, Rosabella, Imogen. Ivan, Arlo, James.

  • kim at allconsuming

    OH – I adore Edie (as in pronounced eedie?) and Imogen – LOVE Imogen. Arlo is cute too. Kill's older brother is James and I suspect she has no need to bolster he's already healthy ego by naming a child after him…

  • Anonymous

    Caleb, Luca, Asher,Ari, Freya, Olivia (could be top 10 though) Eliza, Genevieve, Imogen ( the first 3 are my own – the rest were considered (amoungst others!) Siobhan (thats also an option!)

  • frances

    Iseult or Isolde, Eleanor.

    Anaeas, Cormac, Declan, Eugene .

    NEVER NEVER choose any boy's name beginning with J. The child will be just revolting.

  • kim at allconsuming

    OOH I love Asher (Ash – such a great guy's name) and Freya. I too love Eliza but a bit too common these days.

    Frances – you of all people should know that if you called a kid Eugene he'd be killed on the first day of Kindy.

    Kill – what's Pa Pete's middle name or his father's name?

    I too adore Eleanor. And every Eleanor I know (of which there is only one 😉 ) is just delightful.

  • Suse

    Son #1's girlfriend is called Coco and I just love it. There's a boy called Milo in the class above and everyone joked that Coco and Milo should get together.

    Also, my brother is Jonathan! (Have we had that conversation before? Yes I think so).

    Ok, I love:
    Girls – Isolde, Jemima, Mathilde, Rosie, Milly, Esther, Hannah, Harriet, Juliet, Sarah, Isobel.

    Boys – Jonathan, Seth, Silas, Max, Sam, Patrick, Harry, Charlie, Jonah, Jonas, Elijah. (Guess which three belong to my boys 😉

  • kim at allconsuming

    OH yes, Jonah is lovely. What about Simon or Jude? I love those names too.


    Simon (think this sounds awesome w/ your surname Kill)




    Millicent (but the nicer spelling of that)
    Amber (I think you've got a cousin amber don't you? Or is that Astrid?)

  • kim at allconsuming


  • Katrina Chambers

    No Peter, Kevin, Martin or Sally, Kate, Sarah!

    Oh I love Rocky! So cute. A girl named her baby here in town this last week and everyone was scoffing, but I said nothing as I secretly loved it hahaha 😉

  • h&b

    So glad my boys names do not appear here – I love being exclusive without adding a heap of iiiii's to a name, or spelling a normal name all weird and cool like.

    I hate Top-10 names. I never wanted my child to be defined by the first initial of his last name. So far, so good.

    Lots of good suggestions so far – I love Julian, I also love Gideon, which no-one has mentioned. I also like Arlo, but that is rising peeps, rising..

    I'm crap at girls' names.
    Our first cat was called Piper. RIP Pipes.

    I remember Freya from a discussion when a friend was having a baby – the NZ'er amongst us said "oh no – that's a tampon in New Zealand" Plug for thought.

  • vontrapped

    Well, I have a son named Joseph so love that. Two grandsons, Benedict and Magnus and my little grand-daughter is Ivy.
    Heard about a neighbour's son by the name of Kleeshay. I'd give that a miss.

  • librarygirl

    Ella and Sam

    I would urge anyone about to call their baby Coco read a bit about Coco Chanel's behaviour in WW2.
    Just saying.

  • Janet

    For a girl I like Ramona (was pretty high on our list), Matilda (as was this), Enid, Edith, Lillian (I so lost that one), Inge/Ingo

    For a boy I like Arlo, Cohen, Owen, Banjo (we have a Banjo round here and he is a total cutie so maybe that's an influence)

    ….ah now my mind's gone blank. Will come back if I think of more.

  • Anonymous

    i had serious plans to change either one of my sons name to Atticus….just forgot to get around to doing it before they turned 18 so i missed out.


  • Eleanor

    I'm back. Just remembered:

    Eve, Eva and Evie.

    But OF COURSE they should seriously consider Eleanor. Ahem.

  • kim at allconsuming

    OMG = how could I forget – I adore Atticus but it was one of the very few names Chef rejected outright.

    Janet – I love Enid or Edith – shortened to Edie. Gorgeous.

    And one of the few other names Chef rejected outright? Banjo. I loved it but he just shot it down so abruptly I knew it was not worth pursuing. Shame really, Grover could easily by a Banjo.

  • kim at allconsuming

    Librarygirl – you now have me intrigued – shall have to go and research that little curios.

  • h&b

    Love Edie – that is a family name for us, and with no girls in 100yrs .. well..

    I also love Cohen – and know a lovely little boy by that name. I congratulated his mother on her good naming taste when he was born


  • Kill

    just saw an Eadie baptised this weekend past. must not honour my brother with a James. have cousins both Amber AND Astrid – good remembering Kim! Dad's middle name is Warren so you can JAM that idea straight away. Grandfather's Thomas has been reused in the family already, a couple of times. there's also William (nice but common) and Sidney which I have tossed around, but very old man-ish to be a Sid at age four!? Other great grandfather options of Frederick and Cecil really don't cut the mustard either.

    Interestingly a friend named her baby Peter (after her brother) 12 months ago and she says it is rare now – only 23 in Australia for 2009

    Some great suggestions in there people – much food for thought – thankyou. I shall pick through and make a list for discussions with husband this weekend.

  • Fe

    Oh I'm absolutely hopeless when it comes to names.

    Although I will say that Jemima (shortened to Jemma or Jem) was my fave girls name for Toto, and Eliza ( shortened to Lu) was my fave girls name for Boo.

    Boys names… I love Felix. Love love LOVE IT. And basically all of your boys names Kim.

    Or Finn. I hope and pray that name is not in the top 10.

  • M


    and my boy's name but I'm not revealing that en blog.

  • Bec

    Love this discussion but just a tiny word on the stats involved in the apparently dreaded top 10 names?

    My twins have top 10 names (and their big sister's traditional name is always in the top 50). The younger two are in separate classes in a year with more than 100 kids and no other child in their year has either of the same names. Ditto for big sister – has never had another girl in an entire SCHOOL with the same name.

    If you have a look at the lists, in NSW the top baby name for any year will probably have less than 1000 kids against it – spread out over several million people, it's really not that popular.

    My boy, now 7, was the page 3 pin-up in the Sun Herald as the top baby boy name for 2002 – and it's one mentioned here as being too popular. He has never had a child in school, daycare or soccer team with same name – and I rarely hear it yelled out at the shops (unless it's me doing it!) Ditto for his twin sister whose first name was #3 and middle name #4 in the year she was born.

    So, don't believe everything you read in the papers!

    (BTW – Jemima is one of my favourite names, but for me it's too close to my fondest Playschool memories – loved that doll. Oh, and you could never do Henry AND Harry, the latter's a form of the former)

    And finally, if I had another chance I would definitely have a Molly. Don't know why, I just want one. Maybe we need a new dog?

  • Paola

    Well, are you ready for some Italian names???

    Fabio, Lapo, Alessio, Brando, Bruno, Carlo, Aldo, Giorgio, Marzio, Gabriele, Sergio, Lorenzo, Massimo, Leandro, Marco, Valerio, Roberto, Mattia, Simone, Luca,
    Moreno, Claudio

    Giada, Melania, Rebecca, Giorgia, Adriana, Renata, Gaia, Viola, Arianna, Bianca, Alice, Celesta, Aurora, Rosa, Beatrice, Vittoria, Ginevra, Clara, Cristiana, Greta, Georgiana, Lavinia, Lucrezia, Moira, Piera, Selvaggia, Velia, Monica, Tiziana, Viviana

    I believe I could go on but I'll stop …

  • Jennifer

    As a Jennifer, I can say that there are never enough of us and that having a top 10 name (for like a decade or more) is awesome *eyes rolling*!

    My girls are Meredith Grace and Eleanor Maude. Vivian and Charlotte are the other names I love. Oh, and there's a lovely birth story on the interwebs about Nella Cordelia whose mother wrote eloquently about her Rx of Down Syndrome. And someone mentioned Imogen and I know an Esther who is a delight.

    Oliver and Simon were names for potential boys. I also loved the name North but was a big fat no from the hubs.

  • Frogdancer

    Hey Kim!

    Read this:

    I saw it this morning and wondered if you had a similar experience.

  • Frogdancer

    Jack, Jordan, Brennan and Connor.
    Best names out…

  • Suse

    Ha, chuckling at frogdancer's four. I listed my three too, but buried them among others.

    I came back to add Nell or Nellie.

    And to say hi to Bec! Yadza!!

  • Suse

    Also Brendan for a boy. That's my husband's name and I love it.

  • librarygirl

    I agree with Bec about the top 10 names thing. Both mine have them, only once each in the 10 years one or the other have attended school have they ever had someone in their grade with the same name.
    But son had 3 Jessicas in his grade last year, and this year 3 Baileys. Variations of Maddie seem pretty common too. As someone who still has had to explain the pronunciation their name ( and I'm pretty old!) I'm not a fan of "different" names.

  • Kill

    The issue started when a holiday event last week of 11 kids included 7 girls – 2 were Mia and 3 were Maddison. I love traditional but come from a line of women who have different names themselves and have bestowed same on their offspring.

    Someone on my facebook page had heard of a boy child called "Kleeshay" – how original!

  • Duyvken

    Too funny, Jennifer! I love the name West (have you read The Robber Bride?). My darling grandmother's maiden name was Weston and I thought that would be a great name. My husband blanched when I suggested it!

  • Suse


  • Duyvken

    Hi Kill,
    I didn't do a very good job of suggesting names that go with Henry and Jemima so here are two that kind of fit with those names – Clementine (rhymes with teen) and Isadora.
    I hope it all goes well!!

  • kim at allconsuming

    Oh D – if only you knew – we went to school with a Clementine so I think that will automatically exclude it. Not sure though!

    We also had an Etoline and Xanthe in our year so you never know, I love the name Xanthe so maybe we can throw that into the mix too!

  • Duyvken

    I love Xanthe as well. One of my sisters-in-law is a Clementine. There's also an Adele, Ilona, Claire-Louise and poor old Nicole who feels totally ripped off about the name she was given. Greg also feels ripped off because his brother's name is Jerome.

  • Suse


  • Kirsti

    Daisy, Rosa, Clementine, Lucy, Elsie, Celeste, Annie, Adelaide, Eliza.

    Sebastian, Jude, Milo, Elijah, Asher, Arlo.

    There's so many more in my head that I just can't think of right now…