New favourite – songs to make you happy

If you haven’t heard of Sally Seltmann, do yourself a favour and go visit her website and play On the Borderline.

She is basically an awesome Australian singer/songwriter.

She wrote that 1,2,3,4 song. You know the one, sung by Feist. Here’s an extra cool version of it, with Monsters!:

Once you’ve listened to On the Borderline and played that clip above, play this one. Doesn’t it make you love falling in love!

Harmony to My Heartbeat from Sally Seltmann on Vimeo.

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  • blackbird

    Lovelylovelylovely – though that Sally looks like Dooce which, for me, is unsettling. (A bit.)

  • Fe

    I've loved her for a while now. She really is "all that and then some".

    btw: I've just given you some bloggy-love over on xoxo

  • Muzbot

    Who could not love a song with monsters AND penguins? It's going to be in my head all morning.