To busy to blog but never to busy to…

sort lego by colour.

The before shot:


***** UPDATE *****
OK – look, lego storage solutions have occupied so much of my paltry-sized brain that something had to be done. 
I had dreams of funky solutions utilising utilitarian workshop forms, I had the notion of an Ikea solution but as the years passed it became to juvenile-an-option, I wanted, whatever the solution, to not involve ugly plastic tubs
But you see, ugly plastic tubs are really the only true solution. Sure, I could have used vintage suitcases but something has happened to me – oh it’s always been there but now, as I age, it is becoming far more prevalent. 
You see, I now see something beautiful or pretty or ingenious or clever and think ‘wow’. Then I think – how the hell would you clean that? or lovely idea but you’d have to open every container to see what was where, or oh-my-god talk about a hayfever heaven. 
Yep, I am now all about practicality over beauty
So – there was deliberation. Do we sort into type – so Lego Agents in one box, Lego City in another, Lego general somewhere else and Lego Star Wars and Lego Mars Mission housed accordingly? 
But just typing that you realise what a pipe dream that was. Surely. Once they are all mixed it becomes very difficult to determin if that lego 2×9 black strip belongs in Lego Star Wars or the general box. 
And what do you do with the eleventy gagillion generic pieces that come in every set? 
So then it came down to do we sort by colour. A friend told me she had even considered sorting by brick type. BRICK TYPE.
I’ll leave that with you for a moment so you can realise even my madness has limits. 
So now we have a black box, grey box, red, yellow and brown box and a blue,white and green box. 
There are two little Ikea boxes with lego men and then another one with other little stuff like guns and light sabers and all the little clear coloured lego bits and pieces. 
The boys love it. They helped sort if. If I can’t share my obsessive compulsive tendencies then what sort of mother am I!?! 
They’re all playing with it and can now find pieces easily and without hours of rummaging and/or dumping onto the floor. 
That, my friends, is what is called a victory.