Sad brain day

OH dudes, I woke up today with a bad case of sad brain.

I think this is for a number of reasons:

  • there were a couple of goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year, none of which I’ve made any inroads into
  • the big boys got back from a week away at school camp and the upshot of that is a severe case of  HOLYCRAPFOURCHILDREN-itis. 
  • the stress culminating from Mum’s hip replacement surgery and her coming home on Thursday. She is by absolutely no means being overly demanding but, it’s just stressful. 
  • the stress of all the choosing a high-school/looking-to-the-future focus for Oscar palaver
  • the ongoing incredibly boring reality of living on a shoe-string and knowing that this is just how it is at the moment, blah-de-blah-blah-blah
  • another hospital trip last night due to the finger Oscar had jammed in a door on camp looking like a big purple sausage and really needing an x-ray (the upshot being it’s not broken, just severely severely bruised and OMG the staff at Mona Vale Hospital Emergency Dept were just staggeringly brilliant with him) 
  • My concern about my weight finally reached critical mass (boom tish) and while I haven’t been swimming in 3 weeks, this week saw me finally reign in the eating that has been going on and while I have felt infinitely better from that alone, the whole food management plan tend sot make me go loopy at the best of times. 
  • not sleeping well due to crazy dreams. One of them involved us going to Melbourne and staying w/ Sooz only to discover her small inner-suburban home was infact a quirky old house in a paddock with – get this – ELEVEN clotheslines. Sooz should be laughing by now because she doesn’t have a clothesline and is in fact, the second person I know married to an architect who have children but no clothesline, which to me is like having fish and chips without the chips – possible but just bloody stupid. They had 11 clotheslines as there was a special deal at Bunnings that involved you buying that many to score an outdoor table setting. But this was no ordinary outdoor table setting, it was one that you only sat along one side and was perfect for one side of their house for the kids to sit at for afternoon tea to avoid the hot summer sun. See, not getting good quality sleep. Eleven clotheslines. I mean, for fucks sake. They could at least feature consensual adult activities with Jake Gyllenhaal. Hell, they wouldn’t even need to be consensual. I’m just saying.  
I did end up having a huge sobbing cry this morning which these days is highly highly unusual for me. (Gosh, just thinking of how a day without a huge sobbing cry used to be highly unusual.) Chef offered an appropriate level of comfort and the boys were all remarkably concerned (probably because it is now quite a rare spectacle for Mummy to be sobbing) and were all very comforting and huggy. Bless ’em. 
It’s been a bit of a full-on Saturday with Chef taking Felix to cricket, me and the little fellas going shopping for a birthday present for a little boy from kindy (Jasper’s first ever birthday party invitation!) (cue various tantrums for lollies, chocolate, their own toys), then taking little fellas to the party then taking Felix to drama. 
I am bummed because I’m meant to be at Madame FlingFlongs for a bloggers get together but my in-laws are away and there’s no way I could leave the kids with Mum due to her level of incapacitation. 
So we’re all home now and dinner is going to be a sausage sizzle, bread rolls and salad and then watching Mrs Doubtfire together. I might even make an apple crumble. Crumble makes everything better. 
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  • dancingmorganmouse

    Well, if it makes you feel any better, at least you have good reasons for sad brain. I'm wandering off now to feel a little grateful for my lack of shit going on.
    PS, PLUM & Apple, add plums to the crumble! Yumm.

  • Jodie

    shhhh, today I bought a bike..yes and actual machine on which to excercise…I was very pleased (and surprised) when they didn't suggest I needed extra reinforcement for my fat arse.

    So having taken that giant leap into weigh reduction I get to drink cold beer tonight yes??? hmmm beer and crumble???

  • AMIT

    Oh sometimes we are not able to reach the goal we think of.

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  • samantha

    I hear ya! I am having one of those phases that is making me seriously wonder what the planets have got against me. One if the best strategies for overcoming sad brain is being able to recgonize it. That deserves a glass of champagne to celebrate your self awareness. And I'm sure it has less calories because most of it is bubbles and their just air- right?!
    X sam

  • Paola

    You know what I think? I think you are fully entitled to feel like this every now and then. Otherwise I would think you're not human.
    Do you ever stop and think what you do every day? Seriously? I can begin to THINK about it so cheer up.
    You are GREAT.

    PS I loved your 11 clothesline dream

  • blackbird

    I agree with Paola.
    I think it's perfectly within your rights to claim the occasional sad day.
    Someday, when they are big and much less dependent you will marvel at the accomplishment of it.
    I know.

  • sooz

    I was indeed laughing but not as hard as when you used the fish and chips analogy – D DOES'T EAT CHIPS!!! I am very grateful for my new ONE clothesline, and very glad it's just the ONE seeing as how we don't have a paddock and all. But sorry to hear all the chattering monkeys are closing in at once. Hope you polish up your ninja skills for getting the monkeys off your back. xxx

  • sooz

    And OMG, forgot – I dreamed last night about making gravy (I am sure because of your tweet a few days ago) and really worried whether it was fully 'brown' and tasty. I had to cook for hundreds of people at some function or other and was really confused about quantities and serving sizes…

  • Kill

    what's weird – I had a sad day yesterday too! dealt with it by falling asleep on the couch for 2 hours while the kids kept quiet drawing and colouring. then of course slept atrociously. So today I went to church, did some work in the garden, cooked Sunday lunch and (inspired by your previous burst) went for a swim by myself, managing 12x50m laps and then 1 hour of grocery shopping. Hope you sad day has rebounded nicely too, and you have 11 Jakes in your dreama tonight!

  • Duyvken

    Mmmm crumble.

    Don't worry about the year long goals, it is only half way through March, there is still plenty of time to get stuff done!


  • Elizabeth

    Even though we probably have very little in common (and my comments on your blog shit you to tears I reckon) when you list out your sad brain day list… I’m nodding my head… thinking yeah me too… and wishing you a happier brain day tomorrow.

  • Alison

    I am an architect with children.
    And we have a clothesline.

    Just so I can perhaps right the imbalance.