Monday. In brief.

So today’s agenda featured Oscar back at Sydney Children’s Hospital for his (almost) annual botox injections in his legs.

Our cerebral palsy specialist has already been awarded an Order of Australia for his work but man, he is a national treasure. Not only did he study pure maths at uni (meaning he’s totally across all this new nano technology that is driving medical research these days) he has done a Masters in Hospital Management so the dude could run his own hospital if some philathropic legend threw enough money in his direction. 

This added skill secured the current set-up at the hospital for the botox clinic – removing it from the chronically over-crowded out-patients day-surgery roster and moving it to its own area (well, a shared area with the cancer treatment unit) so a lot of the stress and trauma for the kids is removed. 

One of the rooms on the ward has been turned into an operating suite and so the kids are just wheeled across a corridor rather than out of a ward, down a corridor, into an adjoining hospital, then through big scary doors into pre-med which OMG makes me white with nerves let alone a little person and then into a full-on laden-with-machines-that-go-ping operating theatre packed with scary-characters-covered-in-gowns-and-face-masks. 

Recovery is short and then they’re back in the room where they started. All the kids are there for the same reason and well, on a stress scale from 1-10 (1 being unicorns and rainbows, 10 being the fiery gates of damnation) it probably sits more at a 5 rather than a 9 like the old days.

Seeing as nothing is ever straight forward in this family there needed to be phone calls to the orthopaedic surgeon who’ll be doing his op in a couple of months and consults with the physios and orthotics crews. I love how we always end up with a bevy of people gathering around us while everyone else gives us the stink-eye for taking up so much god-damned time and lets just get these procedures underway so we can all go get a coffee and eat something OK!??!!!

Oscar was an absolute champ with only a moderate freak-out when it was time to go under – for those who have never had to hold an anaesthetic mask over your child’s face while trying to look all composed and reassuring and HAPPY! and you’re doing so well! and that’s a boy, nice big breaths and what are we going to do when you wake up? EAT! that’s right and yes, my boy, of course you can play wrestling on the Xbox when we get home and there we go, off to sleep then just say a prayer of gratitude because there is something deeply unsettling watching your kid go all googly eyed then woozy then into some weird place between awake and drugged sleep that involves weird sounds and involuntary movements and DEAR GOD I COULD DO WITH A DRINK RIGHT ABOUT NOW.

Once they removed the hideous dreaded canula from his hand we were off for the almost annual hip x-ray and then a flying trip home to pick Jasper up from his first day at his new kindy. Where staff actually told me what he’d done that day and how well he’d settled in! On the first day! Compared to last year when I asked one of the staff members and she was all, ‘which one is he?’. Oi. As if that wasn’t a sign.

Now home I’ve got some lamb & sweet potato  pasties in the oven using left over lamb roast and gravy from last night, Oscar is a bit of a head-achey teary mess, Felix and Jasper are weary and Grover is probably out there casing the backyard for the perfect dump site of the day. 

Yep, situation normal.